Romney Hit for 'Fire People' Comment

GOP frontrunner in New Hampshire faces questions from rivals.
4:34 | 01/09/12

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Transcript for Romney Hit for 'Fire People' Comment
Politics and -- boring day in New Hampshire where your voice your vote will be heard tomorrow. Governor Mitt Romney holds a 24 point lead in New Hampshire -- tonight. His rivals are circling and he gave them a kind of targeting BC's David mirrors in Bedford New Hampshire. With the Romney camp tonight David. Diane good evening Mitt Romney is getting grilled over his own words in the last 24 hours at one point telling an audience he understands what it feels like -- To worry about losing your job. At another rally today saying he likes be able to fire people. Late today to campaigns -- these words are being taken out of context but his Republican opponents and the president's campaign team. Already running with. He is a -- -- under fire tonight not because of one thing he said but because of two lines in just the last 24 hours -- his opponents are pouncing. First in talking about the economy but multi millionaire candidate telling an audience he knows what it's like. To -- losing your job I know what it's like that to worry whether you're gonna get fired through a couple of times wondered whether. I was getting in pink -- And -- Bobby talking about firing people while making the case American should be able to choose their own health insurance to drop -- company they'd like. He said this. I like being able to fire people provide services doing. Firing people is exactly how the Obama team was planning to portray -- After years of buying and selling companies for profit sometimes creating jobs other times slashing them the Obama campaign's senior strategist quickly calling -- words. -- rare moment of candor. -- the Obama reelection team has jumped on that line I'd like being able to fire people and I'm curious policies side. Are you all concerned about the tone of those words with the millions of Americans -- Out of work they can always be taken out of context and I understand that that's what the Obama people do. But as you know I was speaking about insurance companies and when pressed on understanding what it's like to worry about losing your job but if you think that I should spend my entire campaign. Carefully choosing how everything I say relates to people as supposed to -- my own experience and time on experience -- the that would make me a very different person that I am. Rick Perry today in South Carolina and I have no doubt that Mitt Romney was worried about pink slips whether he's not have enough -- the hand that -- Newt Gingrich's wealthy supporters now paying for TV ads. For tens of things. The -- When Mitt Romney. Came to -- The super now that's -- -- to -- spending more than three million dollars to reach living rooms across South Carolina with the story of workers who lost their jobs after their companies were bought by Romney's Bain Capital. -- that hurts so bad. And in my home. But Romney again today pointing out he created 100000 jobs because of his work -- -- a net gain. But what are Jake Tapper asked how many jobs were lost to date there was no answer from the campaign. The audience. Cheering for the governor here in Bedford -- right now and that's why those worries about losing his job the governor. Today I had to -- he said -- when he graduated after harbored those early jobs like every other American early in the career he said he worried. -- back then about whether that he be able to hold onto them and he says he hopes to hold onto that lead here in New Hampshire heading into the primary tomorrow. There with the rally going. There and didn't -- to -- Good Morning America co anchor of -- this week George Stephanopoulos first. -- -- the kind of -- the contagion and last seen it before remember for -- -- -- Clinton teared up that pushed her over the top in New Hampshire -- I should say this is not that moment. This is this is not going to cost Mitt Romney victory. In New Hampshire the only question but how much is gonna win. It could make a difference in South Carolina this 10% unemployment. In South Carolina -- of a working class base for the Republican Party. And he's heard Mitt -- there he knows in the general election this will be used against him by the Democrats -- Internet is all but guarantee. What you are telling us -- you've -- on the phone with the rival camps today do they sealed all liability these candidates moving -- I think they do see an opening your leasing ads on this subject down in South Carolina. And and just about everybody now is gonna -- we know that Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. Are all staying in the big question was would John Huntsman. Be able to stay -- he's got real momentum now. And if he comes in third or second he's gonna stay -- that's looking increasingly likely right now so as one campaign strategists told -- today it could be -- wide open. In South Carolina even if that -- gets the -- he expects tomorrow. Everybody read dedicating their stake at least for another -- Okay thank. Good to see.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"GOP frontrunner in New Hampshire faces questions from rivals.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15325764","title":"Romney Hit for 'Fire People' Comment","url":"/WNT/video/romney-criticized-firings-15325764"}