Romney Gains in Fla.

Mitt Romney up 43 percent after launching attack on Newt Gingrich.
3:58 | 01/30/12

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Transcript for Romney Gains in Fla.
24 hours until the results of your voice your vote in the Florida Republican primary. Where Mitt Romney has opened a fourteen point lead over nude Gingrich who began to -- in the polls. After Romney launched attack after attack and ABC's David Muir is in Florida and he says Romney is not letting up tonight. David. Diane good evening to you fueled by those new poll numbers you speak of we flew with governor -- today from Jacksonville to Tampa. He acknowledged on the -- that actually since -- week and a half ago that South Carolina was not going to go his way. He senses something very different here in Florida tonight and if indeed that's the case come tomorrow you can point to a very aggressive shift in strategy. Tonight displayed in Florida is far different from what we've seen here. Just weeks ago was not uncommon Mitt Romney would delivered entire stump speech without ever mentioning these two words. Newt Gingrich. To eight Jacksonville -- Bobby walked up but at that stage and we counted. Just 33 seconds before Bobby took -- speaker Gingrich wasn't very happy with the debates though. He said after the first debate that he didn't do well because the crowd was so quiet. Deadly today outside Tampa 44 seconds him speaker Gingrich he's he's not feeling very excited these days he's. -- -- it's sad he's been flailing around a bit. It to give you an idea what it's like for anyone watching TV in Florida in Jacksonville just today during the news five adds it just fifteen minutes all for Romney. Including that controversial -- using -- 1997 report from -- anchor Tom Brokaw on speaker Gingrich's ethics investigation. They have no hearing no one's -- -- margins. Not twice -- him three times a decline to fourteen minutes it is an aggressive shift from Bobby team after the stunning -- in -- in South Carolina. It's Florida clearly outspent -- which today vowed to stay in the race through the convention. As we flew with governor -- these Tampa this is how he reacted to that. These you don't want and what happens. Today Gingrich says the delegate -- -- sealed after Florida. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Gingrich blasted the front runners in an interview with Jon Karl masri they goat that Romney is doing to get on -- electrodes -- to -- the money. Mostly from Walt. In fact Gingrich went on to teller Jon Karl that he's just getting started but Diane this could be an incredible financial mountain to climb. In -- Romney and his allies have outspent Gingrich and his allies by some twelve million dollars it's -- a half times as much let's see what happens tomorrow here. -- dividend George Stephanopoulos joins us now so George what about it can Romney's money close this out now and not -- not easily enough fast but they're coming off the best week in their campaign no question about it Diane. But even as the Romney team anticipates a pretty comfortable win. Tomorrow night they are resigned to a long hard slog to actually get the delegates they need. To wrap up this nomination you think Newt Gingrich can come back again and again it is never happened before we have never seen a candidate come back not once not twice but three times from basically being dead politically dead in this campaign so that is unlikely. But he does have a lot of incentive. To stay in every primary comes and gets and those who pick up delegates if he -- support rally in five states he can put his name in nomination. At the convention and have leverage we as a Lotta -- -- lot of incentive. To go on even though Romney has apparently come here. So pretty people calling him and say c'mon c'mon pull -- make -- a clear shot anybody being able to change his mind. Maybe his wife Callista that would be about it because right now I think he sees himself Newt Gingrich. Leading a movement against the establishment Republican Party and most establishment Diana's waited. Against Newt Gingrich okay George -- tomorrow night you and I will be right here. We'll be joined by our election team at ABC news for the big results as they comment.

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{"id":15475883,"title":"Romney Gains in Fla.","duration":"3:58","description":"Mitt Romney up 43 percent after launching attack on Newt Gingrich.","url":"/WNT/video/romney-gains-ground-florida-15475883","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}