Romney Readies for Iowa Debate

GOP contender Mitt Romney on reclaiming his front-runner status.
2:38 | 12/09/11

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Transcript for Romney Readies for Iowa Debate
Davone viewers sat down with the man vying to regains its front runner status Mitt Romney and David Wright. Diane as you know Mitt -- is on the offensive already tonight even before they debate here tomorrow evening we witnessed a shift in strategy. And I asked the governor about that right here and I would today. In the last 24 hours your surrogates have been talking about Newt Gingrich saying he is quote on reliable. And trustworthy. Do you believe Newt Gingrich is untrustworthy. Well the lot of people -- work for speaker Gingrich in the past and they're gonna say whatever they will have. Heaven knows I can't write a script for all the people to support me but these are your surrogates do you find him untrustworthy. Again I don't write the script for what -- the people say but do you have to aggressively take -- on at this point. To stop the surge surging poll numbers for him. I'd expect that Newt Gingrich and -- we'll have some differences and we'll be able that discuss those as well. Among the differences immigration Romney said anyone here illegally must in his words go to the end of the line. Apply for citizenship like anyone else. On immigration I heard you talking during the town hall saying that you don't propose going around the country and rounding up millions of people who are here illegally. That you proposed some sort of a transition period what does that mean would they stay in the country do they get in line here. There's gonna have to be a period as we secure our border and then put in place a plan to have people who want to become legal residents go to their home country. Apply and get in the back of open the back of the line by virtue of having come here legally. They should not be treated on a more favorable but favorable basis -- the people who who stayed in line in their home countries. They would lead this country go home get in line with everybody else that's correct we saw -- -- this week celebrating your long marriage and Gingrich -- to do ABC -- What the -- campaign was implying there. Was that your family is better than -- -- family I'm curious do you think that mr. Gingrich's three marriages is fair game in an election year. Actually -- in each of my campaigns I've begun the advertising. Season what -- an -- about me and my family and my values there was no. Attempt to in any way implicate anybody else and that I'm to -- -- people love lamb. And tomorrow night here you could expect governor Romney to try to draw some real distinctions on this stage and as we heard call will tell ABC news earlier today Diane. He believes that people within the Romney campaign must be asking why it took this long. For the -- camp come out swinging trying to stop this search by Newt Gingrich and all the Republican contenders figure out their strategy for tomorrow night as you know David.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"GOP contender Mitt Romney on reclaiming his front-runner status.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15125666","title":"Romney Readies for Iowa Debate","url":"/WNT/video/romney-readies-iowa-debate-15125666"}