Romney Takes the Field in Michigan

Mitt Romney makes his case to primary voters in home state.
3:23 | 02/24/12

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Transcript for Romney Takes the Field in Michigan
Rising stakes in the race for the White House after twenty debates and nine contests -- your voice your vote battleground Michigan could it be the tipping point. -- running and -- today -- momentum to make his closing argument in the state where he was born and some say he needs to win. Just four days before the big vote David Muir is on the trail with a Ronnie good evening David. Good evening George I was talking with a top Romney advisor today but how crucial basic it will be he said. We are all in here and he asked what we do differently at this point anyway. But that was before a major speech here today turn into a major photo -- For the wrong reason. Ford Field in Detroit. This is with the announcer was saying it's not want to build about the fumbling lions wildlife to mount a comeback to win today it turns out they could have said the very same thing today. But it wasn't the lions and tens of thousands of fans it was this Mitt Romney and 12100 supporters on the thirty yard line. Billed as a major speech this was Romney's chance to capitalize on recent momentum is chance to close the deal on his home turf. Problem is there was a lot of her. They put 12100 closely packed chairs here between the end zone and a thirty yard line. Take a look at the distance to the end -- November are way off there -- got to score in Michigan first but look at Ford Field -- a stadium that seats 80000. A challenge to make it look as packed as it was today setting speech here was a challenge even some of the folding chairs right in front of -- empty. Conservative commentator Laura -- tweeting pictures of an empty Ford Field are not helping Romney. But the governor determined to share his fondness for the place where he grew up less than twenty seconds in -- Cars he began and ended talking about cars on the listing the American -- he drives right down to his wife and her cadillacs. As I -- a mustang and area. And a Chevy pickup truck and drives a couple of cadillacs actually. Making his case for -- inside while outside. Protesters. With a banner that op Ed Romney once Rhoda -- the bailout of the auto industry let Detroit go bankrupt. It changed the words today is on the air here in Michigan tonight Rick santorum's with a similar arguments who's on the side of Michigan workers. What Santorum fails to mention is that he opposed the auto bailout to. And someone else here on the -- tonight President Obama. Reelection team trying to -- Republicans here on the eve of their primary with the argument Obama will make in the fall but -- -- million jobs were on the line. Every Republican candidate turned their back. And late today we heard that Rick Santorum is delivering tonight what he's billing as a major economic speech as well -- George he's delivering that speech. From the fish fry at a Catholic parish a very different -- And there that I know that the running team believes that they have some males -- said momentum going into these votes in Michigan on Tuesday and this sudden. Deal to feel is the biggest heal the world but how it happened -- -- the Romney camp says this was never their idea Ford Field they say the Detroit Economic Club set this whole thing up. -- in fact they did it was originally had a smaller venue they called up the Romney camp that there are more people interested let's moving here to the stadium. But local leaders say when they called the Romney camp to say that. The campaign said were okay -- that so that's how they ended up here but -- a lot of questions tonight about whether or not another venue would have been better.

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{"id":15787629,"title":"Romney Takes the Field in Michigan","duration":"3:23","description":"Mitt Romney makes his case to primary voters in home state.","url":"/WNT/video/romney-takes-field-michigan-15787629","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}