How Romney Team Is Preparing for First Debate

GOP candidate takes break from the campaign trail to train for the big night.
3:00 | 10/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How Romney Team Is Preparing for First Debate
We go now to david muir traveling with the romney campaign. Reporter: Hey, jake. Good evening from denver. The debate two dames from now in this city. Mitt romney will appear a short time from now at a rally right behind me. His campaign acknowledging he will spend most of his time hu hunked down, preparing for the most important night of his political career. The debate stage coming together here at the university of denver, where governor romney will stand on the same stage with the president for the first time. Romney flying here from boston today -- along with the team of top advisors with whom he's practiced extensively. In early september, he spent days at this secluded retreat in vermont. Then, more practice in los angeles. Then, just this weekend in boston. And playing the role of the debates -- sentator rob portman of ohio. Portman taking pointed shots at romney in his answers. As top romney advisers looked on, studying not only romney's answers, but his body language. Romney joking portman playing the president so well. He's playing barack obama in these mock debates we have. I don't like him very much anymore. Reporter: Governor romney reportedly studying president obama's past debates. The nabc news poll shows 56% of voters expect the president to win the debates. Only 29% believe romney will win. Which, offers romney a real opportunity to exceed expectations. Republican chris christie, predicting just that. You're going to be shaking your head, saying it's a brand new race. Reporter: Running mate paul ryan today, hanging success in these final 36 days on the debates. The debate and choice phase, the debate phase in our campaign. We will make this case in our debates. Reporter: And tonight, a hint of what we're he'll on the stage here in denver. We heard repeatedly from them, we cannot afford another four years like the last four. We can expect to hear that. And they say with the numbers where they are in the battleground states right now, they are not trying to reach the undecideds, they are trying to peel away some of president obama's supporters, too. All right, david.

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{"id":17370559,"title":"How Romney Team Is Preparing for First Debate","duration":"3:00","description":"GOP candidate takes break from the campaign trail to train for the big night.","url":"/WNT/video/romney-team-preparing-debate-17370559","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}