Romney's Rough Road

The Romney campaign eager to turn the page on that bumpy first stop in London heads to Israel.
2:54 | 07/28/12

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Transcript for Romney's Rough Road
Republican contender, mitt romney was at the stadium after causing a firestorm with doubts about how well the london olympics would come out. Tonight he's in israel hoping to turn the page. Our david muir is with him. Good evening, david. Reporter: Good evening from jerusalem. We landed here in israel a short time ago with mitt romney, as the foreign tour, his world audition continues. He'll meet with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. Elegive a speech on the u.S. Relationship with israel. And the romney campaign eager to put behind him the bumpy first stop in london. Mitt romney arriving in israel, second stop in the overseas trip. And it comes after the oh preliminary pick photo-op mitt romney's campaign was hoping for all along. Romney and his wife ann at the opening ceremonies and romney swimming, hoping to put behind him the barrage of negative headlines. After he was asked whether the london games were ready? Romney said he was unsure how well the games would go, but the brits were sure and they let him know. The minister of the olympics, before the opening ceremony, when asked who would carry the torch -- who is it going to be, mitt romney? Certainly not after today. Reporter: But how much does the anger to the brits matter back home? In a razor thin presidential race. It was at the very least, an unwelcome headline. For a candidate whose sole purpose here is to look ready for the job. Battleground ohio, romney causes international stir. Florida, romney struggles to stem his own olympics fallout, and pennsylvania, the headline "foreign stumble." You have to shake your head. Reporter: Even members of the republican establishment acknowledging a missed opportunity. It was a great opportunity for him to talk about his experiences, instead, he made a comment that the brits took as an insult. Reporter: But tonight romney is looking to move past it. Senior adviser telling us that romney will not criticize the president while here on foreign soil, but that comes after romney snapped down with an israeli newspaper in london. Reportedly saying if he is president, there will be no public denouncing of israel by the u.S. In the u.N. I believe that is real way to achieve peace. By working with israel, not creating distance. The biggest thing he needs to do is finish this trip really strong, really well and demonstrate he can be seen as a leader on the global stage. Not make another mistake. And not do something that looks like a laugh. Again that meeting here in israel tomorrow, political observers say mitt romney needs to get through the rest of trip in israel and poland without any missteps so he can get back to the u.S. And focus on the economy. Sharyn I'll be sitting down with the governor tomorrow. We'll have the interview right here tomorrow night.

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{"id":16879070,"title":"Romney's Rough Road","duration":"2:54","description":"The Romney campaign eager to turn the page on that bumpy first stop in London heads to Israel.","url":"/WNT/video/romneys-rough-road-16879070","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}