Romney's Rough Week

Newt Gingrich challenges Mitt Romney for Republican presidential nomination.
2:45 | 12/03/11

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Transcript for Romney's Rough Week
Your voice your vote at the big crossroads for two Republican contenders look at the headlines in Iowa. Herman Cain has taken a nosedive in the poll. Tomorrow he'll make an announcement about the future of his campaign while the one Republican holding steady in the polls Mitt Romney is searching for a Turbo boost. Here's ABC's anchor David -- The new cover of time magazine today asks the question why don't they like me. Image of Mitt Romney of a front runner unable to break away from the pack. And now he's dealing with something else a surging Newt Gingrich suddenly a rival who he's not imploding. And Romney's old hole number staying right where they've -- even as others like Herman Cain fate but -- things even numbers in Iowa right now is that troubling for the Romney camp. I think the troubling thing for Romney. Where he hasn't been able to raise himself and a lot of different states. But especially Iowa is a very concerning to them this week Romney who rarely granted -- -- of the campaign trail granted Fox News. The interviewer -- is that -- -- while he's changed his mind mandated health care while governor. Determined to -- the president's health care plan if elected. Do you think a mandate mandating people to buy insurance is the right to. -- I don't know how many hundred times I've said this to this than usual interview. All right let's do it again. Afterward the interviewers said -- told him. It was a call for unity slap you say he -- he thought it was overly aggressive and who is Dave Romney was backs trying to turn the page you weren't expecting just a softball interview area. How of course that turn -- to be a good opportunity to talk about. You know the mud -- things from other Democrats and a I got the chance to bat back some of that so we're pretty well but Romney hasn't been on a Sunday morning political show in -- -- to -- Default Republican nominee. -- -- Spends little -- -- time doing interviews on the TV where's the other candidates are working the Sunday news show circuit. Like a politician running for president -- -- on the trail in Iowa with Romney we saw firsthand. How careful the campaign news feed what do you make him you know I'm. It's Jack Black -- -- -- -- -- -- Romney often bypassing reporters on the rope line but he described it tonight increased. Under fire. Included in fact Mitt Romney of course looking for that Turbo boost as Diane points out because even as Herman -- tanks in the polls there and Iowa. There is now someone else Newt Gingrich who said right here last night -- Jake Tapper he's going to be the nominee. And Iowa is now just the way. He made that bold declaration thinking -- tonight and one week from tomorrow we want a reminder Republican contenders will gather in Des Moines, Iowa. For an ABC news debate George Stephanopoulos and I will moderate -- begins at 9 PM eastern 6 Pacific. Sure hope you be joining us.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"Newt Gingrich challenges Mitt Romney for Republican presidential nomination.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15077333","title":"Romney's Rough Week","url":"/WNT/video/romneys-rough-week-15077333"}