The Royals Down Under

Prince George and his stunning parents William and Kate receive a warm welcome in Australia.
2:13 | 04/16/14

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Transcript for The Royals Down Under
And now, we turn to another story in the news. U.s. Intelligence experts studying this video for clues. A kind of conference of Al Qaeda fighters and dangerous men outdoors in broad daylight. Tonight U.S. Officials believe the video is authentic and Rece recent. Down under today. The trip by the Royals has a diplomatic target. In the past young Australians have shown less support for being part of a commonwealth but a new poll shows it's rising. Here's ABC's terry Moran. Reporter: Now, it's Australia's turn. The royal charm offensive arrived down under today, led by the bonny baby, prince George, bouncing delightedly in his dad's arms -- a global superstar already at 8 months old. Such an attractive young family continuing on their mission to -- well, their mission to what? This three week tour where George had an epic play date and Kate played cricket in heels, this is about building the royal brand and renewing the ties that bind nations together across oceans. Australia and knew zealand are part of the a commonwealth. 2.2 billion people, most former Cole anies that share a history of being rule by the british crown. Queen Elizabeth has no political power over these countries anymore. But other kinds of influence today like celebrity. And so as her great grandson makes his debut on the world stage with mom and dad, he may be strengthening the Mon aky and Britain's rule in so much of the world. He's being adorable for queen and country. There was one more image from this trip. At one point prince William let the baby play with a toy stuffed animal called a wombat. That's what Diana used to call her little boy.

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{"id":23354664,"title":"The Royals Down Under","duration":"2:13","description":"Prince George and his stunning parents William and Kate receive a warm welcome in Australia.","url":"/WNT/video/royals--23354664","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}