Russia retaliates after Congress passes new sanctions

Putin announced the dismissal of more than 700 U.S. Embassy staff in Russia.
1:58 | 07/31/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Russia retaliates after Congress passes new sanctions
The Kremlin this evening has delivered their own response to congress. Voting to put new sanctions on Russians for meddling in the U.S. Election. Vladimir himself with the dismissal of more than 700 staffers in Russia. Here's ABC's global foreign affairs correspondent, Martha Raddatz. Tonight, Russia striking back at the U.S., announcing the expulsion of U.S. Diplomats from the country. Removing more than 700 embassy staff from their jobs, leaving just 455 -- the same number of Russian diplomats working in the U.S. After we expelled certain el last December. Russia also seizing two proper properties used by U.S. Diplomats in Russia. Moving trucks already on the scene. The retaliation comes after that congressional vote to increase sanctions against Russia as punishment for Moscow's election meddling. President trump expected to sign that bill despite his administration's Chris schism -- criticisms of it. It was less than a month ago that president trump and Putin had that first face-to-face at the g20. But now, that relationship on a downward spiral. A real test for that relationship. Martha with us live tonight, and Martha, we all saw the U.S. Spopding with that missile intercept test. That test we are told was successful, and here's what the president said about North Korea today. We'll handle North Korea. We're going to be able to handle them. It will be handled. We handle everything. We handle everything, but he didn't reveal what the options are, nor would the white house, but do we know, Martha, from your reporting? Reporter: Well, I think, clearly what president trump is trying to do is to pressure China to pressure North Korea, but David, that has not worked in the past. There are really no good option here. Martha Raddatz with us live from Washington.

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{"duration":"1:58","description":"Putin announced the dismissal of more than 700 U.S. Embassy staff in Russia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"48957184","title":"Russia retaliates after Congress passes new sanctions","url":"/WNT/video/russia-retaliates-congress-passes-sanctions-48957184"}