Is Russia Softening on Ukraine?

White House says time is "appropriate" for Secy. Kerry to resume negotiations with Foreign Minister Lavrov.
3:00 | 03/12/14

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Transcript for Is Russia Softening on Ukraine?
John. Jason secretary -- going to meet again we've we've. For mr. -- wrong. It's the state department's earlier this week that there would be no such meeting was there or in the words of Jen -- concrete evidence. Russia is prepared to engage in these polls discussions and curious way. So I want every scene concrete evidence that Russia is now -- answers they gave them -- Make clear to the Russians that were open to further dialogue. And that we -- -- see concrete evidence we view this is an opportunity again -- secretary -- to meet with. Foreign minister law brought his counterpart to. Discuss the situation in Ukraine and discuss the situation in -- and make clear. Dead there is a way out of this diplomatically and peacefully that. Russia can avail itself. And two continue that discussion is certainly worth doing -- argue because. There are already cost associated with Russia's. Decisions here it's violations and there will be greater costs. Inevitably if Russia continues down this path. And those will be. You know assess those cost will be assessed by obviously United States and our allies -- partners but also by the impact on Russia's economy -- cause and that these kinds of actions that flout international law and send signals to potential investors around the world that Russia doesn't abide by. Laws. International law now has a dramatic impact on. Russia's economy and on Russia's status in the world you know -- if you want to be. If you want to participate. In the international economy in and do so responsibly unique to that demonstrate the kind of responsibly hated it does not include. Arbitrary violations of and neighboring nations territory. But my question was have we seen any concrete evidence that Russia is -- On this -- is willing to engage in which they have not until now we is that what we're seeing. Carried over there to get Emerson you know -- -- -- Yeah I can question him -- I would simply say is that. We view it as. Appropriate for secretary -- to meet again with foreign minister -- -- to. Discuss again the situation to make the case again for. Why -- far better choice here would be to the escalade and two. For Russia to pursue its interest through the means available to it that are legal. And have the endorsement of the international community. Because. As we make clear any further escalate -- steps. Would make pursuing a diplomatic path more difficult would. You know raise the cost to Russia. And as you know that the president's meeting with prime minister of Ukraine today and that meeting. Will. By itself I think demonstrate the fact that we strongly support the Ukrainian people we strongly support Ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty. We strongly support and -- the effort underway in congress to pass legislation that would provide. Bilateral assistance to Ukraine. And and that's a stance taken not just by the United States but by. Countries throughout the region and the world.

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{"id":22886104,"title":"Is Russia Softening on Ukraine?","duration":"3:00","description":"White House says time is \"appropriate\" for Secy. Kerry to resume negotiations with Foreign Minister Lavrov.","url":"/WNT/video/russia-softening-ukraine-22886104","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}