Russia, the Ukraine and President Obama

Reports of Russian military movements inside the Ukraine have the White House putting out a warning.
3:00 | 02/28/14

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Transcript for Russia, the Ukraine and President Obama
The urgent six in Ukraine, there are reports that Russian president Vladimir Putin is moving his troops into that country, and putting the united States and the whole world on a kind of hair trigger. Late today, president Obama personally warned, if Putin is, there will be costs. Terry Moran reports on the crisis in Ukraine as tensions are rising at this hour. At dawn, bands of armed man appeared at the two main airports at crimea and seized control. They wore uniforms with no insignias or identification. Their trucks had no license plates. And they spoke Russian, not Ukrainian. That was the start. Convoys were seen along the roads. President Obama spoke at the white house soon after the Russian incursion. We are concerned about recent reports of military movement taken by Russian inside the Ukraine. Reporter: In yuan crane, a country on the edge of civil war, a war that could drag in Russia, Europe and even the U.S., frightening developments. We are on the edge not of the new cold war, but we are on the edge of hot war. Reporter: The real danger is that Ukraine is torn between Russia on the one hand, so close and so powerful, so bound to it by history and language and the west on the other side with its promises of freedom, democracy and prosperity. Where they moved in today, in crimea, Russian is the main language. They welcomed these maz troops. To them, this is still their rightful president. He fled the capital city of kiev, as protesters took over there, he finally appeared in Russia at a raucous press conference and declared, I am ready to fight for the future of Ukraine. But tonight, all eyes are on one man -- Putin and what he'll do next. I want to bring in Jonathan Karl, so Jon, tell us where we stand at this moment, does the white house believe that Russia has invaded Ukraine and that requires a military response? Well, look, the white house is not saying that, the president referred to reports of an invasion, but make no mistake, Diane, you wouldn't have seen the president of the United States come out on national television and make a statement like that if he had any reason to doubt that the Russian military is behind of what we're seeing in Ukraine. No discussion of U.S. Military involvement. The president talked about response and cost. What will happen first, next? They're deeply concerned about this, the president said very clearly there will be costs. You heard that in terry's story. They haven't specified this. The Russians are hosting a major summit of eight of the top world economies in June, in sochi, Russia, the United States could boycott that and european nations. First thing may be to isolate him more democracy? Je. Now, we'll head out to west to that storm so big it inspires

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{"id":22726877,"title":"Russia, the Ukraine and President Obama","duration":"3:00","description":"Reports of Russian military movements inside the Ukraine have the White House putting out a warning.","url":"/WNT/video/russia-ukraine-president-obama-22726877","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}