Russia Works to Finish Preparations for Sochi Olympic Games

Workers race against the clock to set up and make safe some of the games most dangerous events.
3:00 | 02/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Russia Works to Finish Preparations for Sochi Olympic Games
sign this bill. Overseas to Russia. T-minus three days before the olympic games begin. And tonight in Russia, a scramble to get some of the dangerous events ready and safe. And ABC's Matt Gutman is on the ground in sochi for us, where so many workers are racing against the clock. Reporter: Today, a confident Vladimir Putin, touring sochi, even petting a snow leopard, that even growled. But did his tour include this? Seven years after winning the games, sochi is scrambling, stores, hotels. They have dozens of rooms not ready for journalists or whoever. It's absolutely an embarrassment. Reporter: Key roads, still need to be finished. Crews say they've been ordered to work around the clock. One thing they say they're allowed to take a break for, is a smoking break, which these guys are doing right now. They invited me up for a better view. When they started this road this morning, all of this was just dirt. Now, they have almost a mile of road finished. My friend over here says that in two hours, this whole thing will be done. And it's not just roads and hotels. Tonight, snowboarders are demanding work be done on their new slopestyle course to make it safer. American olympic icon Shaun white jammed his wrist on a jump, calling the course intimidating. Another border broke his collarbone. And a female snowboarder suffered a concussion. As in the x-games, snowboarders, like white, this is his view, careen 50 miles per hour downhill and then launch, while spinning, landing 80 feet later. A jump built just a few inches too steep can launch a border beyond a safe landing point. Shaun white says he's okay to compete. Officials say the course is fixable. But tonight, it's clear, the sprint is on to get these games to the starting line. Matt Gutman, ABC news, sochi.

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{"id":22368731,"title":"Russia Works to Finish Preparations for Sochi Olympic Games","duration":"3:00","description":"Workers race against the clock to set up and make safe some of the games most dangerous events.","url":"/WNT/video/russia-works-finish-preparations-sochi-olympic-games-22368731","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}