Sandusky Regrets Showering With Boys

Former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky said he was just "horsing around."
4:53 | 11/16/11

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Transcript for Sandusky Regrets Showering With Boys
The dynamic has changed in the sexual abuse case at Penn State tonight. After the accused coach Jerry sandusky spoke out claiming what he did with young boys was innocent today. An outcry from people who thought he was blaming witnesses -- alleged victims and the number of those alleged victims keeps rising. And also today we tracked down that key witness in the case and ABC's Jim -- is here to tell us what happened Jim good evening. Good evening Diane this could boil down to just two men. Both coaches at Penn state university who say they saw the same night in very different ways. First Jerry sandusky says he was just playing around horsing around with a boy in the locker room. And a fellow coach and says what he saw was totally different no game at all it was a monstrous crime. The key witness in the child molestation case against Jerry sandusky. Former Penn State assistant coach Mike McCurry today seen shopping in state college Pennsylvania. As he prepares to testify that he witnessed a ten year old pinned to the team's locker room shower wall in march of 2002. Being raped by then coach sandusky. -- sandusky denied in a telephone interview with rock senators Bob -- I would -- -- doubtful. What would be his motive to -- You have him we did ask the McCrary repeatedly declined comment. There's just -- to. -- mr. send us he said last night. But in emails he sent to friends this week McCrary says for the first time Donnelly told Joseph Paterno about the attack he told police according to AP quote. I did have discussions with police and with the official at the university in charge of police -- -- explain the alleged attack in completely different terms. Okay illusion RAM and horsing around. And he actually turned -- dollars on -- was. Actually sliding. Across. The floor -- hand. And we were does not recall possibly -- snapping a -- horseplay. -- -- -- attorney telling ABC news today his client regrets showering with the boys he's just a jock coursing around in the locker room. I think it's important for people who -- Jerry sandusky said I did not sexually assault kids. -- Are you -- -- file no. Are you sexually attracted to young -- to underage boys. The most sexually attracted the stage -- -- Sexually attracted you know on the either uninsured -- young people. -- -- to be around them. -- I -- but no I'm not sexually attracted to him -- The coach -- queries new email what he says he called police we'll talk to police -- raises a whole new question. About follow up and who dropped the ball remember that incident happened. Ten years ago. In -- was arrested this month. Diane thanks for your reporting tonight -- I -- turn out ABC's legal analyst Dan Abrams so what -- sandusky just student himself of that interview why -- his lawyer letter. -- it's -- going public you heard the pause there when asked if he sexually attracted to boys but also the notion that he thinks he's canoeing gender public sympathy by saying. I you know what it wasn't sexual assault it was just -- hours it was just need touching. The notion that somehow that's going to help him. In the public he's just solution and -- were saying to me that that phrase horsing around echoes something we read before that's really important into it we may be seeing the seeds of the defense let's listen again. To exactly the language he used last night. Okay luge -- in. Horsing around. And he actually -- those -- on -- was. Actually sliding. Across. The floor -- hand. And we were it was Agricole possibly like snapping a -- horseplay. He uses the term horsing around and then in the grand jury report. You had the exact same language coming from one of the Penn State officials saying. Look I wasn't told about any rate all I was told was. That of one of the officials term the conduct is merely horsing around -- you're seeing there saying dusty using the exact same words. As was used. By one of the Penn State officials clearly that's going to be that -- try to block -- and some might put up these numbers coming forward to sheer numbers have legal consequence -- the rising numbers the numbers in conjunction with the consistency. Counts. It's the -- Acted in each account you see similar types of grooming elect you see similar types of conduct alleged. That's what's really important here so it's not just the numbers alone. It's the consistency. And damn good to have you here tonight as well.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"Former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky said he was just \"horsing around.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"14960487","title":"Sandusky Regrets Showering With Boys","url":"/WNT/video/sandusky-regrets-showering-boys-14960487"}