Sandy Hook Elementary Students' First Day Back

Amy Robach discusses children's return to school after the Newtown shooting.
1:57 | 01/03/13

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Transcript for Sandy Hook Elementary Students' First Day Back
newtown, connecticut, there will be a visitor tomorrow. Congresswoman gabby giffords. She arrives just as the 500 children of sandy hook elementary are returning to the classroom, and it happened this morning. There they were, looking out at us from the bus. A small symbol of resilience. And abc's amy robach tells us the story behind those mome Reporter: Officials say the buses were packed also nearly 500 sandy hook students returned to class for the first time today. Most of the kids were excited. Seeing friends they haven't seen in awhile. They were anxious to get into the hallways and meet up with the other kids. And you could see the teachers had the same response. Reporter: But for many parents, it was a difficult, emotional day. We were with erin and her first grader, lauren, last night, as they prepared for school. We just try to focus on the happy things. We really have no idea what we're doing. Reporter: During the shooting, lauren's teacher hid her 15 students in a tiny bathroom. Today, erin was one of many parents who stayed at school with their children. Have you thought about next week and what each day may bring, will it get easier? I hope so. I hope so. I can't stay with them every day. I know at some point I'm going to have to let them go. We want to make sure everybody feels comfortable and we want to move on and let the kids move on, too. Reporter: And even as students pass daily reminders of what happened in newtown, erin knows her children are one step closer to healing, each and every day. You get so worried and you get caught up in everything that happen and the tragedy of it all and then they surprise you by bouncing back. Reporter: And diane, you mentioned congresswoman gabby giffords planned private visit with families here tomorrow. Well, just yesterday, she was in new york city, meeting with mayor mike bloomberg and talking, not surprisingly, about gun control. Diane? Amy robach reporting in tonight. Thank you so much, amy. And now we head overseas,

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{"id":18127062,"title":"Sandy Hook Elementary Students' First Day Back","duration":"1:57","description":"Amy Robach discusses children's return to school after the Newtown shooting.","url":"/WNT/video/sandy-hook-elementary-students-day-back-18127062","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}