Santorum's Daughter Bella Hospitalized

Republican candidate is back in Pennsylvania at daughter's bedside.
2:12 | 01/29/12

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Transcript for Santorum's Daughter Bella Hospitalized
Republican candidate Rick Santorum meanwhile is far from Florida back home in Pennsylvania tonight. At the hospital bedside of his youngest daughter Ella as ABC's David -- tells us now this is just the latest health scare for the little girl. And her parents. Three year old bella has already defied the odds surviving with the genetic disorder that kills most children before their first birthday it's stressful in November riding between campaign events Santorum told us. This is what he feared we're doing with the -- Can't kill the Santorum campaign made a video and the former senator has talked openly and emotionally about his seventh and youngest child. They told us that. She had a fatal condition. To die. To the condition -- -- eighteen. Which is like Down's syndrome santorum's took -- home and it had their -- I was the guy that held everything -- It was a lot. With the line. I decided. That the best thing I could do. Was to treat her differently. -- -- -- -- I -- it. Because it wouldn't hurt as much. -- -- -- With Santorum in Philadelphia with bella daughter Elisabeth filled in at Florida campaign events today great academic -- any -- -- -- yeah. Doctors say new -- your for a child with her condition is serious. An infection particularly -- -- in. Can sometimes move faster than -- when someone else. Simplicity. -- love that she admits. And clear to me that -- the disabled. Not her she's got -- right. So when will Santorum return to the campaign trail his daughter Elizabeth -- those Florida campaign stops today said he -- back as soon as he can. But David Rick Santorum is trailing -- distant third in the latest polls -- a Florida.

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{"id":15468647,"title":"Santorum's Daughter Bella Hospitalized ","duration":"2:12","description":"Republican candidate is back in Pennsylvania at daughter's bedside. ","url":"/WNT/video/santorums-daughter-bella-hospitalized-gop-candidate-back-pennsylvania-bedside-politics-15468647","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}