Santorum's No-Frills Campaign

Rick Santorum challenges GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney's hold on the lead.
2:06 | 02/14/12

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Transcript for Santorum's No-Frills Campaign
Those Republicans want to take back the White House your voice your vote more proof tonight of a big surge from the dark horse in the race Republican Rick Santorum. He is pulling ahead of Mitt Romney in a flurry of new national polls here's the new ABC news poll of Republicans Santorum leading Romney among all Republicans. Including on the question of favorability. So is this real will it last here's ABC's Jon Karl. -- Rick Santorum has gone to outspent and out organized what is on fire. Almost nobody saw coming. Not long ago we saw his daughter running the campaign his car serving as his national headquarters. It's David vs Goliath and once again David appears to have the edge just look at the two campaigns. Romney's venture carefully choreographed lots of flash. Santorum no frills recently appearing in a Washington State event so poorly lit it looked like he was telling campfires to -- He was wandering around Iowa just a few months ago campaigning to a handful of people at a time. In the middle -- the speech. Between -- and Romney often appears with political celebrities McCain Christi even Jon Voight Santorum is always either alone or with his family. He has no high profile endorsements and for every twelve dollars Romney and his allies have spent on TV ads Santorum in his. Have spent just a dollar Santorum with his shoe -- campaign has managed to connect with working class Republicans. Group Romney has had trouble -- I grew up in Michigan. Now it is Romney with this new ad airing in Michigan working hard to appear like a regular guy. But it negative barrage against Santorum short of becoming. As the race now moves on to more and bigger states Romney is still the one that has the resource is and the cash. But for now anyway Santorum has something it is even more important. Growing support.

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{"id":15605452,"title":"Santorum's No-Frills Campaign","duration":"2:06","description":"Rick Santorum challenges GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney's hold on the lead.","url":"/WNT/video/santorums-no-frills-campaign-15605452","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}