Scenes from the heroic, 3-day rescue of Thai soccer team, coach

A U.S. Air Force specialist described the system divers rigged to whisk the boys across the cave's expanses.
3:07 | 07/11/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Scenes from the heroic, 3-day rescue of Thai soccer team, coach
what happened inside tt cav during the rescue of the ys. What we had not H fore. The boys under WER for a half an hour attime unable to see through thaturky water, of course, and tonight, look a this. Those 12 young soccer players and their coach, all recovering in a much brighter hospital room, waving at thecamera, some of them giving the victory there. ABC's James longmann what those boysndured as the were guided through the cave. The par still waiting tonight to hold T boys. And the near disaster we first reported ont just momentser theyere pulled from the cave. ABC's James ngman, right the on the scene for us again tonight. Reporter: Tonight, for the first time, the heroic rescue from de.tch as resers trudge up that muddy path, carryin one of those soccer players on a stretcher. E boy, wrapped in Mylar blankets, carefully placed on th ground medics move in quy, working in the light of their headlamps. It's a scene that have played out 13 times, as ne, the boys and finally, theirch, were GHT to safety. And as we first reporas night, that last rescue Hain moments before the pus broke, reflooding the cave. Divers forced to leave T tanks si and tonight, we'reing mor about just how this three-day high stakes operation unfolded. That harro escape through the water and through the air. A force specialist describing to the ap a sm rigged to whisk the boys across the cave's rocky expanses. We had to basly set up rope systend highlines to be able to, you know, safely them in a harness and bring them across L open areas. Reporter:k at the cod. Th diver disappearing into the murky water. Before thentive teams ti in a swimng pool with local children.the boys enduring dives lasting up toalf an hour, unable to see. Theiac who helped keep his players calm by meditating, seed the order in which they'd be brought to safety. Their coach and the boys all came togr and discussed staying strong, having that will to live, having the wio survive Rter: And these images tonight show the boys recovering ie Ospital. Wearing surgical masks.a and a sign. V fvictory. They've been given vaccines, vitamins, antibiotics, but there's still a fear of infection. Their parents and family members on the other side hat glass. Wiping away tears, finally able to see their sons. We S those parents with their hands to their face today, wiping those tears. Jameslongman back us again tonight. You're odetal there, James. We saw the images, relatives looking through the glass. O believe they're still wait to those boys. But you learned theyere at least LE to get a little closer? Reporter: That Reese right, David. But they're still onle to get as close as six et. When their mothers saw them, they had to wear protee clothing. We're told the boy S working their way towardsolid food. And they'll here the hospital for at least another five days. David? Just amazing repng from you, James, and the entire team the we thankou again tonight.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"A U.S. Air Force specialist described the system divers rigged to whisk the boys across the cave's expanses.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"56524310","title":"Scenes from the heroic, 3-day rescue of Thai soccer team, coach","url":"/WNT/video/scenes-heroic-day-rescue-thai-soccer-team-coach-56524310"}