Scientology Insider Breaks Silence

Former top official turns against her church.
3:17 | 02/29/12

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Transcript for Scientology Insider Breaks Silence
ABC news exclusive about the church of science policy that controversial religious group with some very famous followers Tom Cruise John Travolta. A former top official in the church is speaking out the church denies her explosive allegations and has taken her to court but she is undeterred. And she sat down with ABC's Dan Harris. Scientology's. Church known for celebrity. And controversy. And now a new uproar involving this woman Debbie cook who is gone from running the church's spiritual -- -- -- -- -- being a vocal critic. But it it needs to gets. Expose it needs to get confronted. Cook and her husband left the church in the fall of 2007. Signing confidentiality. Agreements and receiving checks. For 50000 dollars a piece. But just weeks ago cook wrote an email criticizing the church leadership the email went viral and the church sued her for breach of contract. Cook is now fighting back leveling new allegations in open court many involving the leader of the church David missed damage wouldn't. Quality that is always set us apart is that we are unselfish. I have never met. A more confident -- more intelligent and more tolerant more compassionate being. -- meets David Cook has testified at least cabbage ordered his secretary to slapper flooded -- it is because. You know he was displeased about how I was answering a question wasn't it wasn't. What -- wanted to hear. In repeated letters to ABC news science biology officials denied this charge. But cook also testified that in June of 2007. She was forcibly taken to a place known as the whole. A pair of double wide trailers located on Scientology's international base in Southern California. -- when I was there it had to bars on the windows and security guards posted at one. Door for entering an -- sitting and this is where a number of Scientology's. Executives. From management level were. Held for -- -- blinks at time. And when you're in their annual leave -- you cannot. Cook claims she was in the hole for seven weeks during which time she was repeatedly made to confessed her sin. If -- screaming at you. Sometimes. Slapping you in some cases sometimes your. -- -- a trash can waters -- every year that happened -- you yes. The church tells ABC news the whole does not exist and never did. The church does say cook voluntarily participated in their program of religious discipline. But that she was not held against her will and that her account of what went on is inaccurate. Essentially saying that you your husband or -- defrocked apostate that's their term I have. Never lost my passion or love for the church. Debbie cook insists her complaint is with church leadership not with the faith that she says she still loves. Dan Harris ABC news -- -- Texas.

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{"id":15821186,"title":"Scientology Insider Breaks Silence","duration":"3:17","description":"Former top official turns against her church.","url":"/WNT/video/scientology-insider-breaks-silence-15821186","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}