Screen Kids for High Cholesterol?

Pediatricians will recommend children be screened for high cholesterol.
2:09 | 11/11/11

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Transcript for Screen Kids for High Cholesterol?
And a jaw dropping recommendation from some of the nation's top doctors. Hardening of the arteries is not something parents usually worry about for nine year old children until now. The American academy of pediatrics recommending that all children be screened for high cholesterol. ABC's chief health and medical editor doctor Richard -- explains. But they're only kids how could they have cholesterol problems turns out pretty easily. The latest study shows that 8% due. Problem is they don't know it. Bad diets obesity lack of exercise genetic risk all have the same bad effects in children as they do and adults clog arteries. Heart disease is the number one killer in America and the risk factors start in childhood. So the new guidance every child should get their cholesterol tested when -- between nine and -- -- before puberty. Late Connor. Connor -- got tested young. His family has a history of high cholesterol and heart disease he finally had to start on Staten. When he was just twelfth. It cut his cholesterol level. In hand. I'm not crazy about medications nothing else -- we put -- honest strict diet a young age that didn't work its debt. -- are only used on children when diet and exercise fail. But critics worry the new testing could lead to too many children being given pills as a quick fix instead of -- hard work of eating right. We're going outside to -- Kids are already taking more medications than ever we need to make sure that this testing doesn't need to lead to more. Drugs and necessary but what -- you hear the by the age of thirteen fourteen they'll have heart attacks you know unless we're not saying that but the risk factors for heart disease Begin during childhood -- those children with sky high cholesterol but those who may develop heart disease in their late 20s30s and forties isn't there a risk that a putting them on drugs. -- a long time untested that really worries me you know these drugs -- tried for a couple years but long term studies have been done. So I don't think it's something that doctors should start quickly or parents should accept without asking a lot of questions haven't something's going on America's children thanks so much --

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{"id":14936631,"title":"Screen Kids for High Cholesterol?","duration":"2:09","description":"Pediatricians will recommend children be screened for high cholesterol.","url":"/WNT/video/screen-kids-high-cholesterol-14936631","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}