SEAL Team 6: Training for Rescue Operation

Navy SEALs, famous for killing Osama bin Laden, rescue hostage from Somalia.
2:18 | 01/25/12

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Transcript for SEAL Team 6: Training for Rescue Operation
Been nearly eight months now since members of that same team took down Osama bin Laden -- -- that but so many of us to ask who are these men and how do they train. Point when he anchor Chris Cuomo on that part of the story tonight. We all remember the mission that made seal team six famous elimination of enemy number one Osama bin Laden in the dark against an unknown number of enemy fighters. A small team escaping without a scratch after just forty minutes. -- seals tell us the mission in Somalia was even tougher because a rescue requires the ultimate battle skill restraint. Every action that's taken on the battlefield is designed for one objective alone and that's to bring that hostage home to their family. And that demands more than physical toughness so it's not the freezing water nor the tear gas not -- jumping from planes eleven miles up. The toughest training for a mission like this is mental. In the mind of the navy seal during any operation and especially during something is high states is -- hostage rescue operation. They're always aware of where's the hostage how do I need to react in order to accomplish this mission the seals recruited from the best and winnowed down from there. Holding their breath underwater for two minutes without releasing a bubble. Then swimming with hands and legs bound 75%. Of seals fail for the rest of us. Yes. How to do. Barely half the might make it through and the result is often. Thought -- ten unit second go anyplace on the world and that we do nothing but -- They may be -- men but they are men and mortal. Last August 22 team six members were killed when their -- helicopter was shot down in a firefight in Afghanistan. But success or failure these men stay in the shadows remaining silent as we mourn -- as we applaud. Thankfully they are on our side. True. I have been with these men and to see them in person doesn't really do -- justice David. What it is that makes them so -- not there might not even their skills. It's their dedication they surrender everything even their own lives sometimes to carry out missions. For us really extraordinary in every way Chris thanks so much.

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{"id":15443456,"title":"SEAL Team 6: Training for Rescue Operation","duration":"2:18","description":"Navy SEALs, famous for killing Osama bin Laden, rescue hostage from Somalia.","url":"/WNT/video/seal-team-training-rescue-operation-15443456","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}