Seattle to Allow 'Made in America' Ads

City initially rejected bus ads urging consumers to "Buy American."
1:37 | 12/02/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Seattle to Allow 'Made in America' Ads
And now a skirmish on the made in America front -- -- not reporting here about the potential to put a lot of people back to work. If each of us spends more on American made goods this Christmas. Well tonight a major city had to back down after trying to block someone who thought he tried to help create American jobs. Here's ABC's Abbie Boudreau. Mark Blum thought he had a noble idea inspired by those three simple words we've been reporting on for a year now. Made in America his nonprofit group wanted to run ads on dozens of Seattle buses. A simple reminder holiday shoppers buy American. Save American jobs he didn't think it was a controversial message but Seattle's transit system disagreed. Rejecting the ads saying the concept of buy American is an issue of both political and economic debate. I'm flabbergasted. I'm overwhelmed up by a decision like that it's. It's incomprehensible. Community members expressed outrage online calling the decision ridiculous and un American. Even suggesting people get fired over. A community standing up for the made in America massive -- King County metro to relent just this afternoon. Upon further evaluation the ad does not express an opinion about a public issue but rather -- a promotion of the sale of goods. Therefore we will allow it to run a made in America victory today in Mark Lewis fight to help create American jobs. Abbie Boudreau ABC news.

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{"duration":"1:37","description":"City initially rejected bus ads urging consumers to \"Buy American.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15068983","title":"Seattle to Allow 'Made in America' Ads","url":"/WNT/video/seattle-made-america-ads-15068983"}