Secret Tapes Shed New Insight on JFK's Presidency

Caroline Kennedy on what she learned about her father and history.
3:00 | 09/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Secret Tapes Shed New Insight on JFK's Presidency
And now an abc news exclusive. The hidden tapes from the kennedy presidency. As we know, john f. Kennedy loved raw history and he installed a microphone right there in the famous oval office desk. And there was another one there in that coffee table in front of him. The as a result of portrait on tape of a fully human president, questioning in crisis. Often exhausted, frustrated and laughing. There's a new book out tomorrow, "listening in" contains transcripts and recordings. It has an introduction with his daughter caroline kennedy who sat down with us. You're there in spite of a presidential life. 225 hours of seat correct audiotapes and listening to them all these years later, a little girl all grown up who lost her father when she was almost 6. I remember really clearly being under the desk, maybing necklaces and trying to get candy from the grown ups who were around. Reporter: Caroline kennedy said it's wonderful today to hear him laughing when she walks in demanding attention. I won't let do you much. Reporter: That sound is little john, pounding under the desk, no idea he's hitting a microphone. Father, relaxed. I really liked being in your company while you're listening. That was a really wonderful feeling for me. Reporter: And what you hear on the tape is a man impossibly calm in crisis. Intelligence discovered the serve yet placed nuclear missil inside cuba, aimed at the u.S. How far advanced is this? Sir we've never seen this kiechd installation before. Not even in the soviet union? No, sir. Which leave he's only one alternative, which is a hell of an alternative. Vaets a pretty vast statement. However calm and steady in the cuban missile crisis, he could unleash irritation on small things. Here a defense department official spent a lost money on furniture for pregnant mrs. Kennedy, and he's furious. I want to know who ordered that and I want him incompetent who took a picture next to mrs. Kennedy's bed. I wouldn't have him running a cat house. Reporter: Nowhere are they more moving than the secret struggle for civil rights. The great issue tearing the country apart. And james meredith created a crisis by enrolling in the all white university of mississippi. He was inspired the my father's address and decided he wanted to enter the university of mississippi. Then this whole drama unfolded. Reporter: This is the president taking on the inve investigat investigation. Mr. President, how can i remove him when there's a riot in the street. He may step out of that building and asking happen to him. Mr. President, I took an oath you know to abide to the laws of this state. You know what the laws are. The problem is, governor, i have my responsibility just like you have yours. Reporter: Kennedy send the u.S. Marshals and james meredith game became the first black graduate of old miss. Following that the riots. Threatening his second term. It is his last november. The president sounds exhausted. In the news is what disturbing. Reporter: A little boy climbs into his h lap. Hello. Naughty ughty. Why dot leaves fall? Where do we go to the cape? To hyannis port? It's summer. Reporter: Then 11 days before he's assassinated -- TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 12th. Reporter: The last words on the last tape are about the hard battle ahead. And so our lot becomes more difficult. Reporter: Our lot become morse difficult. And that's it. Last words. I love that. I think that's really -- i thought it was really moving, and obviously know whag happened. He understood how difficult all of this really was. Reporter: John kennedy once told his friends, life is a struggle, and to be president is getting to struggle in a tw tremendous sort of arena. That's what the presidency is. Right. But that's great and you're hopefully making things better. That's the most rewarding life you could have. So I think he did that.

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{"id":17315008,"title":"Secret Tapes Shed New Insight on JFK's Presidency","duration":"3:00","description":"Caroline Kennedy on what she learned about her father and history.","url":"/WNT/video/secret-tapes-shed-insight-jfks-presidency-abc-news-17315008","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}