Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Undergoing Blood-Thinning Therapy

When will Hillary Clinton be ready to go home and will she be able to return to work?
2:14 | 01/01/13

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Transcript for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Undergoing Blood-Thinning Therapy
We're going to turn now to secretary of state hillary clinton. Doctors keeping a careful eye on mrs. Clinton. We reported on their discovery, the blood clot right next to her brain. Tonight, we know former president bill clinton and their daughter chelsea have been bill her side and the first message from chelsea on twitter. Here's abc's sharyn alfonsi now. Reporter: Chelsea clinton leaving the hospital, where her mother will spend a third night. Later optimistically tweeting, "thank you all for sending good thoughts my mom's way. Grateful to all her doctors and that she'll make a full recovery!" But it's clearly a serious setback for the secretary. It's been three weeks since she was last seen in public, overseas where she picked up a bad stomach virus. Days later, at her home, she fainted and got a concussion, grounding the normally globe-trotting secretary. Clinton has traveled to 112 countries, logged nearly a million miles and spent the equivalent of an entire year of her life on a plane. Recently telling barbara walters she was eager to step down as secretary of state. Why are you leaving? I've been, as you know, at the highest levels of american and now international activities for 20 years. And I -- I just thought it was time to take a step off. I wanted to take some time just really collect myself. Are you exhausted? I am. Reporter: Clinton told "the new york times" she was looking forward to sleeping, exercise, and relaxing watching hgtv. Still, those who've watched her for decades from first lady, to candidate, to the most traveled secretary of state ever, wonder if that's in her dna. Is a quiet retirement really in the future of hillary clinton? It seems out of character, certainly. She deserves a year off to reassess, to get healthy. And to think seriously about a possibility of a run. Reporter: And the secretary is reportedly in good spirits tonight, engaging with doctors, her staff and her husband, former president bill clinton, who has been at her side. But tonight, it is unclear when she'll go home and if she'll be able to return to her full-time role at the state department before the new secretary of state is sworn in. David? If anyone deserves time out, it would be mrs. Clinton. Thank you. We're going to turn overseas tonight and to a very rare

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{"id":18109768,"title":"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Undergoing Blood-Thinning Therapy","duration":"2:14","description":"When will Hillary Clinton be ready to go home and will she be able to return to work?","url":"/WNT/video/secretary-state-hillary-clinton-undergoing-blood-thinning-therapy-18109768","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}