Senator Pushes TSA Theft Fixes

Following ABC News report, Sen. Schumer says TSA could do more to protect travelers' stuff.
3:00 | 10/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Senator Pushes TSA Theft Fixes
Last week, brian ross brought us that groundbreaking investigation, showing tsa officers taking ipads, cameras and other items from your bags at the airport. Thousands of you responded after seeing it and tonight, there is action. Abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross, following up. Reporter: The tsa is now being asked to do the same thing across the country that abc news did in ten airports, testing the honesty of checkpoint screening officers. Traveling incognito, abc news producers left behind ipads at airports with a history of tsa theft to see what would happen. Nine out of ten were returned. I believe you lost your ipad with us when you flew out today from delta. Reporter: But a tenth ipad was tracked as it moved 30 miles officer, andy ramirez, who blamed his wife for taking the ipad. I'm so embarrassed. My wife says she got the ipad and brought it home. Reporter: Ramirez has since been fired by the tsa. And senator chuck schumer wants the tsa to see if there are more officers still stealing. And the best way to find them is by random sting operations. Reporter: The tsa says it has done some stings but only after specific reports of problems. One led to the conviction of this tsa officer in kona, hawaii. Dawn keka, who was caught taking $200 in cash out of the backpack of an undercover agent, posing as a japanese tourist. Senator schumer says the tsa needs to conduct such stings system-wide. So you can find the people before they steal or right at the beginning, if they're stealing. Reporter: And convicted tsa thief pythias brown told abc news that tsa still has not done enough to make it harder for people like him to steal. Including screening the screen screeners when they leave their shifts. Any kind of a search of the bag? No, they never searched our bags. They never searched us. Nothing. Reporter: That's something the tsa is being asked to correct by senator schumer. In written statements, the tsa says the vast majority of its officers are honest, hard working individuals and that the tsa has a zero tolerance poly for theft. But again today, as it has for weeks, the tsa turned down our request to interview the agency head, john pistole, or anyone he would designate, diane. All right, brian, but the pressure is on.

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{"id":17409968,"title":"Senator Pushes TSA Theft Fixes","duration":"3:00","description":"Following ABC News report, Sen. Schumer says TSA could do more to protect travelers' stuff.","url":"/WNT/video/senator-pushes-tsa-theft-fixes-17409968","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}