Seniors Plot Chemical Attack on Cities?

FBI arrests government workers suspected of plotting terror attack.
1:59 | 11/02/11

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Transcript for Seniors Plot Chemical Attack on Cities?
Truly perplexing new face of terror tonight from the FBI which says they caught senior citizens' government workers among them. Allegedly plotting to unleash a chemical attack on American cities. It was a kind of deadly bucket list a hit list of politicians judges. And reportedly hatched in the place so familiar to so many of us NBC's Chief Justice correspondent friend Pierre Thomas has the story. The plot to launch a massive terror attack was allegedly hatched at a Waffle House into -- -- Georgia. For a likely terrorist senior citizens three -- -- late sixties and a 73 year old charged with homegrown terror. Two would work for the government one in an agricultural land this wasn't just talk. They have taken real steps toward on carrying out their plan they called themselves the Covert group. An anti government -- -- reportedly with a bucket list of murders to commit. Federal agents politicians. Judges and other government officials in Washington and Atlanta. The weapons of choice guns with silences two bombs big enough to take down buildings and the deadly toxin -- They want to -- simple to make rises from a car onto a busy street. To contaminate as many people as possible. But the FBI infiltrated Covert group and secretly recorded meetings there is no way for -- is militiamen to save this country to save Georgia. Without doing something that's highly highly illegal murder. The number right wing militia groups has exploded since President Obama took office jumping from a 149. Such groups in 2008 to more than 800 last year. They aren't just as dangerous as any other extremist threat. -- -- Today the unusual age of the suspect was apparent in court they had difficulty -- Diane to hear the judge they have to lean forward. And cup theory why is this a confounding case thanks so much -- -- good to have you here and New York tonight.

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{"duration":"1:59","description":"FBI arrests government workers suspected of plotting terror attack.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"14869981","title":"Seniors Plot Chemical Attack on Cities?","url":"/WNT/video/seniors-plot-chemical-attack-cities-14869981"}