Severe Weather Outbreak

Extreme weather conditions including tornadoes, hail and wildfires kick off summer.
4:29 | 05/23/14

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Transcript for Severe Weather Outbreak
The severe weather on the move this evening and here is the radar at this hour -- the storms up and down the East Coast bringing heavy rain high winds. That reported tornado near Albany, New York. This picture just in from Pennsylvania women walking their cars in the parking lot they -- believe it or not the ceiling of this mall collapsing under the weight of the hail and just look at the size of -- tonight. These pictures from Delaware and just in time for the Memorial Day barbecue the family -- -- it's covered in hail tonight. All part of the same system that brought twisters from Colorado to Kansas and tonight the northeast now in its path. 36 million Americans about to travel and ABC -- -- in Jersey. -- -- -- In the entire side of this building has literally just. Fallen or. Tornado in New York just north west of Albany only hours ago. When reports of no -- homes destroyed and several damaged homes at least one destroyed more power lines down and trees snapped we've never had a storm like that. And -- in this area. Severe storms rocketing across the northeast the streets of Redding Pennsylvania simmering with hail. Golf ball sized hail from north Wilmington Delaware to Pennsylvania. Smashing through the skylight at the Berkshire mall. The storms shutting down train service between Washington DC and Baltimore the Bay Bridge in Maryland temporarily shut down. -- And in Denver and 13 day of tornado warning. -- -- -- Did you going to be tracking this all night long would we expect this evening into tomorrow we still have a severe thunderstorm watch for much of the northeast David I want to show you the pockets of severe storms still possible tonight back in the west so from Denver -- parts of Texas right there. In parts of Tennessee but it really has the in the northeast and mid Atlantic that we've -- -- amazing pictures out of tomorrow if you aren't leaving tonight but you are leaving tomorrow. South Carolina North Carolina could see the damaging winds and hail even a brief tornado and then back in parts of New Mexico and Texas and in the holiday weaken -- -- hold -- -- picture yet. Yes we do so the -- this is kind of I want to start with when people are traveling the beginning of the weekend so it's not only going to be the severe weather. But you're going to look for thunderstorms and heavy rain in parts of the -- -- that could stop you're lucky if you're flying or driving anywhere there it gets drier dryer as we go through the weekend. For the mid the mid Atlantic and northeast great. -- joining a person in the mornings and -- thank -- ginger of course the other breaking headline tonight the brand new wildfires raging this evening this time in Arizona. And tonight authorities tell us they are 0% contains they are now warning homeowners. Ahead of this holiday weekend. Just look tonight mountains swallowed by smoke firemen there looking on the fire growing at a furious pace thanks to powerful winds. Ten times bigger than it was just 24 hours ago. And this is what firefighters are up against just listen tonight. -- on the ground there and ABC's Ryan Owens is in Arizona forced this evening. On the fire line tonight hot shot crews are on the -- -- making sure flames do not jump out of this deep canyon. They see any kind of big flare -- but don't be -- for them to get out there more than seven square miles of rugged forests have burned. But firefighters torched a lot of this on purpose to create a fire break to starve the flames of fuel and save hundreds of homes. Would more than 800 firefighters here in an air arsenal of helicopters and tankers big commander he is cautiously confident. But does not mean that we're out of the woods by any way shape reform it means that we have a place to now start anchoring. And tying all the pieces of the puzzle together. -- stone isn't taking any chances she's packing up pictures and -- trunk with something very special inside when are you getting married. In June at the end of June here here in the backyard she has this message for firefighters. Thank you thank you for everything that you're doing and stay safe and they're doing -- great. John they've gotten help from mother nature -- wins have slowed and the smoke settled. Early this morning look at the cloud of soot and ash obscuring the famed red rocks of Sedona. As often happens here in the afternoon an early evening the winds have picked up. That's actually good news for the community of Sedona the smoke has cleared and you can now see those beautiful canyons behind me. Just in time for the long holiday weekend.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"Extreme weather conditions including tornadoes, hail and wildfires kick off summer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"23836058","title":"Severe Weather Outbreak ","url":"/WNT/video/severe-weather-outbreak-23836058"}