Sex Assault Prevention Officer Arrested for Alleged Sex Assault

Cops: Air Force Lt. Col. Jeff Krusinski drunkenly groped a woman.
2:23 | 05/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sex Assault Prevention Officer Arrested for Alleged Sex Assault
We begin with breaking news tonight from the air force. A top officer assigned to prevent sexual assault has been arrested and charged with sexual battery. We know there's long been a complaint that the military does not take sexual assault seriously and we also know those numbers. In just one year, an estimated 19,000 cases. Well, tonight the case of a key air force official is under investigation, but reaction, including outrage, is already pouring in. Abc's chief investigative correspondent, brian ross, has of the latest. Reporter: The arrest comes amid growing concern about the top ranks in the military and the air force, failing to do enough to prevent thousands of alleged rapes and sexual abuse cases over the last few years. Lieutenantonel jeff -- Reporter: Arrested this academy on sexual battery charges, he kpaul runs the sexual response and prevention office of the air force. A police report identified him as a drunken male subject who approached a female victim in a parking lot near the pentagon after midnight saturday night and grabbed her breasts and buttocks. According to the department of veteran's affairs, some 30% of women in the military have been raped or sexually assaulted while serving their some talked about it in the oscar-nominated documentary, the invisible war. He hit me in the head and knocked me out. Reporter: Just last week, the air force said it had disciplined five former commanders at a san antonio base for failing to take appropriate action in what was then termed the military branch's worst sex scandal. How can we stop this if the person in charge of ffrss these policies commits the same crime? He's been released on $5,000 bond and will be arraigned this thursday. Tonight the air force says he's been relieved of his position as the leard of the sexual assault prevention program he'll be arraigned in civilian court, not military. That's often the problem in these cases that victims don't get justice in the military courts because so many charges involve superior officers who don't face consequences. Thank you, brian ross. And just three weeks after

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{"id":19121008,"title":"Sex Assault Prevention Officer Arrested for Alleged Sex Assault","duration":"2:23","description":"Cops: Air Force Lt. Col. Jeff Krusinski drunkenly groped a woman.","url":"/WNT/video/sex-assault-prevention-officer-arrested-alleged-sex-assault-19121008","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}