Who Wrote Shakespeare's Plays?

A new movies asks whether all those works were really written by Shakespeare?
1:54 | 10/30/11

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Transcript for Who Wrote Shakespeare's Plays?
A new movie asks the simple question. We're all of those works really written by Shakespeare here's ABC's bill Blakemore. -- -- -- -- Shakespeare never rooms single -- In the new film anonymous Shakespeare is an illiterate country bumpkin who's paid to pretend he -- the place. I'm pivotal role -- By the real author aristocrats -- severe federal law to -- something to say otherwise they make shoes professionals Shakespeare's. Are not immune to this not a round of evidence -- -- -- a single document. And has ever been found linking it would appear that he ought to ship any Shakespeare play or any Shakespeare -- Period for starters say scholars did -- died in 1604 before many Shakespeare plays including the best would have to. The film's director Roland Emmerich who doesn't see it that way I'm very 100% sure about that -- Shakespeare also fraught. -- -- some distinguished company. Famous people -- said Shakespeare was a fraud include Mark Twain Sigmund Freud and three Supreme Court justices. But they were not scholars who've spent a lifetime exploring the evidence professor James Shapiro -- And what really irks him is how Emmerich and his team are pushing teacher's guides in the classrooms promoting both the film and its conspiracy theory. You know what you could -- all the cool -- you want I don't care when you serve it up and little -- and kids -- schools. That's not okay -- has made billions directing disaster films like Independence Day. And day after tomorrow. Does his new film also presented disaster. Only say Shakespeare -- if you value the true. Bill Blakemore ABC news New York.

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{"id":14847279,"title":"Who Wrote Shakespeare's Plays?","duration":"1:54","description":"A new movies asks whether all those works were really written by Shakespeare?","url":"/WNT/video/shakespeare-movie-plays-art-writting-14847279","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}