Sharing the Wealth: Lotto Winnings Create Co-Worker Conflict

Employee makes major mistake when not partaking in office-wide lottery pool.
2:15 | 03/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sharing the Wealth: Lotto Winnings Create Co-Worker Conflict
And finally tonight, what would you do if everyone is part of an office pool that wins the lottery, but one co-worker decided to opt out of the ticket? It raises the question, is winning big as nice as winning together? Abc's steve osunsami. Reporter: This is the office you want to work for. On saturday night, luck struck the realtiors at keller williams in plantation, florida. Whenever there's a huge jackpot, they put together a huge office pool and $20 gets you in. Jennifer mal dano didn't have the money that day and when the numbers rolled by, one of their basilion tickets matched five of the right numbers. And won them a million dollars. I was yelling, calling, text messaging them. She was the new face in the office, just fired, hadn't gotten her first paycheck. This is my third week. Reporter: When she heard the hooting and hollering, she thought it was a joke. I 100% thought it was a prank. Reporter: The boss, who organized the pool, offered to spot her the cash, and she still said no. I wasn't going to press her. I said to her, quote, jen, if you don't play, we're going to win. Reporter: But these are wonderful people, and even though their new traction coordinator decided not to play, they're still counting her in. 12 of them will take om $83,000 each after taxes and each will give her a portion of their winnings, though they won't say how much. A gracious amount. it shouldn't be so shocking, there should be more people doing morethings. Reporter: They all have big plans. A new home for my husband and i. A new car. I'm going to disney world. My son turns five in may. So I really just want to do something for him. Reporter: They say what goes around comes around. So kicking in a little for the new hire is the right thing to do and maybe next time, they'll win it all. I'm going to be in the next pool. Reporter: So here's my 20. Steve osunsami, abc news, plantation, florida.

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{"id":18826487,"title":"Sharing the Wealth: Lotto Winnings Create Co-Worker Conflict","duration":"2:15","description":"Employee makes major mistake when not partaking in office-wide lottery pool.","url":"/WNT/video/sharing-wealth-lotto-winnings-create-worker-conflict-18826487","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}