Shooting at Virginia Tech: Details Revealed

Officials continue to investigate the deadly shooting.
3:06 | 12/08/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Shooting at Virginia Tech: Details Revealed
Today when those first bulletins came into the newsroom of another gunman at Virginia Tech but he opened fire there were immediate fears the massacre of four years ago. Was happening all over again the images immediately began coming in showing a student body on -- officers barricading doors. An outside their two officers embracing after a campus filled with fear that was happening again. In the end the gunman shot and officer dead and it's believed he then turned the gun on himself. ABC's Jim -- was at Virginia Tech tonight Jim. Well David -- alert has been lifted now students and faculty told to resume normal activities. The shooter is dead believed to have taken his own life but still no idea from authorities as to what his motive was. In attack that is brought back so many painful memories here. For four harrowing hours today at Virginia Tech site of the worst mass shooting in American history. Terror and disbelief it was all happening again just after nude shots ring out as a campus policeman is conducting a routine traffic stop. During -- traffic stop the officer was shot and killed and there were witnesses to that incident. Witnesses reported to police that the shooter fled on foot. Virginia Tech freshman Juliet fielding -- have to standing just yards away from the stricken police officers content. The police put out an ailment his -- -- and -- -- amended. He just fell out towards the down the site and I see his -- and moments colored blood I don't know of the blood -- -- -- headers is exactly. Campus police state troopers FBI agents and national Guardsmen swarmed to search the campus. Soon they find a second body and fear a shooting Rampage the entire campus put on lockdown. More than 30000. Students faculty and staff or told to stay -- their dorms and classrooms. And not to move for their own safety. Armed officers standing guard in this moment here. And double take care of problems. A campus alert system introduced after the 2007 tragedy. Springs to life just six minutes after the first shooting a police officer has been shot a potential second victim is reported stayed indoors. Parking lot taped off body covered. It was a major change from the 2007 shooting when it took two hours for the first alert to be issued after the Rampage started. Eventually claiming 33 lives today's violence ended with a far less severe -- By 4 PM the police say they believe the second body is the shooter the alert lifted. Relief but still hard questions as to how this could have happened here again. There's very traumatic in this brings back some. The -- memories of the past. Virginia police chiefs and senior officials were away from campus today they were in Washington. Appealing a fine for those delays in alerting students during the 2007 shooting thankfully. Today there were not the same delays David -- may have helped avert a more severe tragedy.

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"Officials continue to investigate the deadly shooting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15117204","title":"Shooting at Virginia Tech: Details Revealed","url":"/WNT/video/shooting-virginia-tech-details-revealed-officials-investigate-deadly-shooting-us-15117204"}