Shootout at an Ohio courthouse

The gunman died at the scene after a judge was ambushed and returned fire with his own weapon.
1:30 | 08/21/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Shootout at an Ohio courthouse
and to an Ohio judge reportedly ambushed outside the courthouse. Shot Sheffer times, but managing to pull out his own weapon. The assailant was killed, and ABC's Alex Perez is on the scene in steubenville, Ohio tonight. Reporter: Tonight, Ohio investigators hunting for answers. We need a 911!. We need a squad up here. We had shots fired. Reporter: After a brazen targeted attack against a judge as he was heading into work. It just hurts. You have a judge shot in front of his cloourthouse. Reporter: Around 7:00 A.M. Authorities say the suspect Nate Richmond, arrived at Jefferson county court armed with a gun, lying in wait, sitting in a car nearby. Just after 8:00 A.M. -- As judge Joseph bruzzese was making his way to the courthouse -- authorities say the suspect ambushed him, firing five shots at point-blank range. It's up to the judge here, and then he shoots back, and he shoves the judge down. Reporter: The judge, who carries a gun, firing back. And a probation officer nearby also returning fire on Richmond, who was killed on the scene. The suspect is the estranged father of Malik Richmond, the former steubenville high school star football player who was convicted in 2013 of sexually assaulting a student. Nate Richmond had a number of cases in his courtroom throughout the years. Whether or not there's a connection between any of the prior appearances in that courtroom in today's action, we don't want know the answer to that yet. Reporter: And officials say the judge is in stable condition and his injuries are not life-threatening. Alex Perez in Ohio for us.

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{"id":49346580,"title":"Shootout at an Ohio courthouse","duration":"1:30","description":"The gunman died at the scene after a judge was ambushed and returned fire with his own weapon.","url":"/WNT/video/shootout-ohio-courthouse-49346580","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}