Sikh Temple President's Son Speaks on Shooting

Satwant Kaleka, president of the temple in Wisconsin, was among those shot.
3:00 | 08/05/12

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Transcript for Sikh Temple President's Son Speaks on Shooting
The temple was filled with families. The president of the temple prepared to deliver a mark. His wife there, she was shot, she raced to hide from the gunman and their son talking with me. Thanks for joining us under horrific circumstances. We understand that you wor told your father is one of the shooting victims and how is he doing tonight? As of now, we don't know. We have family trying to get through to him. We have heard that several people have gone into surgery. He might be one of those people. Your father was inside the temple? Yeah, he is the president of the temple. And everybody was preparing for today's sermon and mass and getting ready and so a lot of family and children and adults there just getting ready for the day. And he was preparing his lecture and everything. How do you get word of what happened? Well, the priest picked up my father's phone as he was on the ground bleeding and he called me from my father's phone and i picked it up thinking it was my dad. And it was the priest, standing right next to him. The priest called you from your father's phone looking to reach a family member to let you know what happened? Exactly. And what did he tell you? He told me right away that right now, my father can't speak. There is too much blood coming out of his back area and we need to get ambulances in there right away. And nobody has come with an ambulance in a long time. Could you hear the chaos inside the temple? At that point, he was hiding as well. They dragged him or put him some where where it was a lot more quiet in that little area. And my mother called from the closet where she was hiding. It was quiet. Have you had a chance to talk to her since then? No, I haven't had a chance to speak with her. What we did, we send my eltest brother in and his wife in to comfort her and talk to her. She is with the fbi and being triaged and helping with information. Your mother was hiding in the closet. Have you talked to her since it's over? The first thing she said, is your dad okay? And when we couldn't give her the confirmation or anything information, she hung up because she had to stay silent. Could they describe how it began to unfold? All I know is that some of the children playing in the front saw somebody get out of a cab and approach the temple and, you know, they thought something suspicious of it, but nobody has accurate accounts or information. Thank you for joining us. And certainly, our thoughts are with your father and your entire family, in particular, your father while they treat him at the hospital. Thank you for taking the time for us tonight. Thank you so much. Please, everybody out there, if you are hearing this, send your positive prayers in regard to milwaukee, wisconsin. We need them right now. We certainly will. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Satwant Kaleka, president of the temple in Wisconsin, was among those shot.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"16935677","title":"Sikh Temple President's Son Speaks on Shooting","url":"/WNT/video/sikh-temple-presidents-son-speaks-shooting-16935677"}