Silent tribute for Vietnam vet

An entire terminal paused as the remains of a Vietnam veteran, Roy Knight Jr., were brought back home.
1:28 | 08/08/19

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Transcript for Silent tribute for Vietnam vet
Finally tonight, we get to see so many amazing moments here, but few like this one. It stopped an entire airport terminal and they only new halfstory. 52 years ago, like so many of his generation, Roy knight Jr. Said goodbye to his family. Leaving garner, Texas, to fly combat missions in Vietnam, colonel knight would not come back, killed in action. This past February, decades later, his remains were recovered in Laos. And today, on this southwest flight, colonel knight came home. The moment stopping an entire terminal at Dallas love field. Everyone stopping to watch, absolute and pay their respect. For the pilot of that southwest jet, this would be the most important flight of his life. Flying had always been his dream. Ever since he saw his father take off 52 years ago. Has it hit you yet? This was no ordinary dignified that pilot is captain Brian knight, son of colonel Roy knight. He was 5 years old when his dad left for war -- now he's a man. Wearing that lanyard with those immortal words for our pows and Mias that rings so true tonight -- you are not forgotten. And tonight, as always, we thank all of our veterans and their families. Thank you for watching. I'm Tom llamas in New York. I hope to see you right back here tomorrow. Good night.

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{"duration":"1:28","description":"An entire terminal paused as the remains of a Vietnam veteran, Roy Knight Jr., were brought back home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"64866729","title":"Silent tribute for Vietnam vet","url":"/WNT/video/silent-tribute-vietnam-vet-64866729"}