The New Science of Sleep

Does too much sleep hurt the heart?
1:40 | 03/25/12

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Transcript for The New Science of Sleep
From what it turned out a healthy living and we've heard from so many view here on world news who have had trouble sleeping through the night in fat look at the numbers here this evening 75 million Americans. More than a quarter of the population say they don't get enough sleep. Tonight there's brand new science about the perfect amount of sleep for your heart. Not too little but surprisingly not too much either here's ABC's -- -- here. It is 1 o'clock. Absolutely not millions of sleep deprived Americans benefit retirement -- hours earlier. And for women it's even worse suffering insomnia at twice the rate of men. A third of all women relying on medication just to get some -- those restless nights have real consequences. A new study says people who get less than six hours of sleep. Are twice is likely to suffer a stroke or a heart attack and have a higher risk of congestive heart failure. When people sleep too little. And this is not just one night of of missing if you are to sleep but chronically sleep deprived. What we see is some real metabolic changes so cortisol levels go up. Blood sugar can go out. But while so many fight to get more sleep. New signs tonight also warning not to kick to hall more than eight hours of sleep -- night can put to a higher risk of corn -- heart disease. Researchers are not exactly sure why more sleep affects your heart. -- -- -- thing is clear getting those six to eight hours should be a priority. Just as much as hitting the -- -- doctors say you've also got to get the right amount asleep. Or it may make all that effort here in --

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{"id":15999819,"title":"The New Science of Sleep","duration":"1:40","description":"Does too much sleep hurt the heart?","url":"/WNT/video/sleep-science-insomnia-heart-health-15999819","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}