Small Town Teens to the Rescue

A group of teenagers helped save the town of Leeton, Missouri.
2:46 | 10/17/11

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Transcript for Small Town Teens to the Rescue
20/20 anchor Chris Cuomo is leading the charge again tonight with a coalition of teenagers on a mission to bring their hometown back. Bunny Seymour grew up and lead to Missouri what was -- like that. Realize that what you want saw -- driving was -- -- disappointing. Sat. There are less than 700 living here now but a hundred years ago the place was booming. Today lead in the suffering the fate of many rural communities squeezed by bigger towns with box stores. Then about a decade ago the local grocery store closed. Many people stop going into town at all. But here at the league in school the kids and teachers decided -- town would not become another statistic. Can -- -- Bonnie and Mary Jane -- teachers teamed up with their students to convince the school to do something educational and amazing. To turn the town's old bank building into a new grocery store so was born the bull dog express named after the school mascot. High schoolers do everything it takes to run the small business taking care of the store the inventory and the cash. The economic lessons come quickly. Really -- target what does it take a -- jobs. He can't -- kind of money tree and expect business. You have to actually look ends here and play and the Bulldog expressed stocks all the essentials folks need. Especially seniors weather wise have to drive to the next town to get supplies if you're -- senior citizen -- not able to drive. It's pretty much walking distance from -- -- -- Three years on the store is about breakeven and there's a deli in the works along with other plans to bring downtown alive. You quickly see the Bulldog express is about more than -- -- think people can learn from what's going on here and -- How we have product -- together Scully brought pride back into the -- The students from the -- in school are bringing America back with the Bulldog express which is now a textbook example. Literally a case study in a college text. -- true ray of hope in this struggling town -- that is a real rainbow. Showing what is possible all over America. The kids and their teachers definitely started this but it's important -- note the whole community. He's keeping it going by doing a lot more than just shopping and -- the message here is simple. When people come together so much can be achieved. And that's something we need now more than ever.

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{"id":14757652,"title":"Small Town Teens to the Rescue","duration":"2:46","description":"A group of teenagers helped save the town of Leeton, Missouri.","url":"/WNT/video/small-town-teens-rescue-14757652","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}