Are Your Smartphone Photos Worth Money?

David Los, the founder of Foap, shares his tips on how to sell your photo for hundreds of dollars.
3:00 | 03/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Are Your Smartphone Photos Worth Money?
And whoever want my name is David Nelson on the CEO and co-founder of -- We check your smoke -- -- into dollars by selling them to photo buyers in brands ala Woodrow such as the monster -- or Gloria. You may not given notice and -- struggling read about it in order to find out -- the natural re content to be used in their social media. And investing. Is that they're ready to pay money -- content you don't need to be a professional photographer. I've been. Says -- -- -- and I -- photos that I realized from ABC's portfolio in particular. And I wouldn't and to -- bit about each photo and when -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let me stop -- -- these photos that I -- and -- This photo is. Taking by captain Barbara. And I read and acted because it's for the -- energy. It's on them they it's captured in the moment. And it put us think these -- really popular info and they're sending a La. Good job captain. The next photo. Is taking by robot who must Booker. And he's program via a friend to -- guys which are on the way to a Halloween -- I would guess. This photo is also captured in the moment it's natural. And that's why I would say that it would probably -- unwelcome -- Photos that put us that our industry being expansions and abrasions such as Halloween. And Christmas or east that are are. -- and popular and 10% of more than out of photos. Who doesn't like this photo. It's amazing it's a beautiful sunset. -- can just imagine how permanent visited is supposed to be and a place -- and a time. However. The market -- overloaded with photos of this -- and that's why I wouldn't invest it too much time to uploading photos of some -- -- -- market. But I liked it and these photos is that photo there -- beautiful -- -- -- -- I acted because I think it makes me wonder. What it looked -- -- actually thinking and a -- do you want some more candy. From the owner that is and probably Sandra diamond which is a photographer of this photo. -- -- senator -- computes and is thinking which makes me curious to. Photos of pets such as -- -- such as cats and dogs are selling and I'll never very popular and these photos. Rivera often use our own own brands. FaceBook pages and an instant ram etc. They're creating an auto engagement and that's why there are probably so popular -- -- are. So more of these photos. Is that -- from me. And then we have a very colorful photo. Taking by Jennifer at -- It's -- authorities beautiful. But unfortunately I don't think that the good day and -- so successful local market. And the market this overloaded. Here again -- photos of flowers. And and that's why I wouldn't say that it's Sosa to -- on folk. We have more. Lower photos of flowers and then the demand -- them. So these these are some tips from a from me I really hope that you enjoyed this video. And I wish you a very nice thing. --

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{"id":22801630,"title":"Are Your Smartphone Photos Worth Money?","duration":"3:00","description":"David Los, the founder of Foap, shares his tips on how to sell your photo for hundreds of dollars.","url":"/WNT/video/smartphone-photos-worth-money-22801630","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}