The Snow, Cold and What's Ahead in the Forecast

Ginger Zee on how long we can expect the snow and cold to last.
3:00 | 01/03/14

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Transcript for The Snow, Cold and What's Ahead in the Forecast
Now to abc's meteorologist ginger zee for a final word on the snow, the cold, and what is ahead. Ginger. Out in the cold still. Reporter: Out in the cold, and just barely above zero is what it feels like in new york city. The wind chill about 3. Here's what will happen. It is not just new york city. It is parts of new england, upper midwest. Great lakes, I want to show you exactly what goes on. Because as far south as atlanta, see the panhandle of florida all in blue, that's frost advisories, freeze warnings in places, even wind chill advisories, prolific throughout the region. 21 below by tomorrow morning in fargo. Then we talk about another snowstorm, yes, I said another snowstorm. This one, though, going to impact areas that did not get hit the first time. Just south of chicago, I think ape majority bigger totals will stay, indianapolis in there, st. Louis, detroit again. Southeastern michigan, parts of toledo, watch out as we go saturday night into sunday. That's when that storm attacks. And then the cold, diane. This is how combed. You keep hearing epic cold. THE COLDEST SINCE THE MID'90s, Numbers in the morning in minneapolis close to 30 below, that's actual air temperature, not yet wind chill. All right, ginger zee, and you bundle up, too. I know you're a professional, but you bundle up as well.

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{"id":21417688,"title":"The Snow, Cold and What's Ahead in the Forecast","duration":"3:00","description":"Ginger Zee on how long we can expect the snow and cold to last.","url":"/WNT/video/snow-cold-ahead-forecast-21417688","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}