Snow Collapses Rooftops; Another 2 Feet Expected

Race to clear roofs with shovels and cranes; NFL moves Sunday's Bills Game.
2:59 | 11/21/14

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Transcript for Snow Collapses Rooftops; Another 2 Feet Expected
We move on to the other developing headline at this hour, that monster snowstorm, at least ten dead now. Now a new storm moving in and these images this evening, residents digging out not on the sidewalks but their roof at the present tops. Eligible patients carried to safety from firefighters. A snowmobile filling up at the gas station and add to that, this. The sounds throughout the region that is thunder snowstorm. This evening a new system hitting at this hour, the forecast from rob in a moment. ABC's gio Benitez is in the storm zone. Reporter: Tonight from western New York all the way to Michigan up to two more feet coming down now. On top of the more than six feet in some spots. Blinding, driving, thunder snow. Overnight rescues by snow machine. This person brought out in a stretcher. I'm going to be right here talking to you. Reporter: Residents of this nursing home carried to safety. Across the region a race to clear roofs with everything from shovels to cranes. These people may be out of their home tonight. Their ceiling about to cave in. We heard loud pops and saw a crack developing in the ceiling. Reporter: They spent two days shoveling their driveway, now scrambling to clear their roof. There's still so much all over this roof. Right, this whole pile is from the roof. Reporter: Experts say a foot of heavy wet snow on a 1600 square foot home weighs as much as 14 tons. The plows literally wouldn't work. The only way to remove the snow is with these front end loaders and dump trucks. You'll have people with thousands of pounds on their roof. Reporter: Residents forced to walk to get gas. Lake effect snow pounding Michigan, too. They're bracing for another one to three feet. Back in Buffalo, late word that the jets/bills game Sunday will not be played in Buffalo. The stadium filled with snow. The NFL now moving the game and possibly rescheduling. As temperatures begin warming up here, the concern is that roofs like this one are going to be getting heavier as rain moves in. In fact, officials telling us today they expect roof collapses to increase exponentially. Gio Benitez, thanks. That's the next threat. Rob Marciano with us. You were telling me a lot more snow tonight. Take a look at the map here. That includes Buffalo and watertown but Michigan as well will see lake effect snow through tomorrow and then the warmup. This is the other big system we're watching. Southeast Texas will get severe weather on Saturday pushing east through New Orleans as well. Could see large hail and tornados. That warm surge will begin to melted that snow. Rob, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"Race to clear roofs with shovels and cranes; NFL moves Sunday's Bills Game.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"27069184","title":"Snow Collapses Rooftops; Another 2 Feet Expected","url":"/WNT/video/snow-collapses-rooftops-feet-expected-27069184"}