Snow Causes State of Emergency out West

Total whiteout conditions with up to 10 more feet of fresh snow on the way, raising flooding concerns.
1:48 | 01/11/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Snow Causes State of Emergency out West
It is going to be a dangerous night ahead on the roads in parts of this country. Weather alerts in 30 states at this hour from California to Maine. Back to back storms battering the west. Blizzard conditions in the mountains and some of those arriving in the east. Here's ABC's kayna Whitworth. Reporter: Tonight, a total whiteout in the west. Reporter: The California highway patrol shutting down interstate-80. As you can see, it's snowing and it's snowing hard. Reporter: With up to ten more feet of fresh snow on the way, even a short walk outside, could be disorienting and deadly in sonoma county, flooding the big worry. Some 500 homes damaged. So much rain in the region the land giving way. Another slide. This one in napa county and it hasn't even rained that much but you've got rugged terrain and this sand stone which is brittle stuff. Plus a foot of rain. It's gonna come crashing down. Reporter: In San Francisco, uprooted trees and the smell of gas forced residents from their homes. And near Sacramento, officials opening some flood Gates for the first time in more than a decade all in an effort to keep the city dry. The Russian river in guerneville rising again for the second time this week, people have been stuck in this hotel for a couple of days, and this rain isn't letting up any time soon, David. All right, and let's get to chief meteorologist ginger zee tracking the systems for us. Hi, ginger. Reporter: Hey, David. The mild air is making its way here, but not without consequence. Look at those wind advisories, and high wind warnings from Mississippi to Indiana, and even Albany, New York. In the west, those in the high Sierra, up to 10 feet of snow possible. You can see gusts of 70 plus. Anywhere in pink and blue tonight in the east, got to watch out for a slick night

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{"duration":"1:48","description":"Total whiteout conditions with up to 10 more feet of fresh snow on the way, raising flooding concerns.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"44693849","title":"Snow Causes State of Emergency out West","url":"/WNT/video/snow-state-emergency-west-44693849"}