Snow Traps JetBlue Flight for 7 Hours

Snowstorm leaves passenger plane stranded on Hartford tarmac.
2:33 | 10/31/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Snow Traps JetBlue Flight for 7 Hours
And in the middle of the mess of a snowstorm on the East Coast this weekend and outrage. The kind of problem for airline passengers we thought had been fixed a 123. People trapped in a plane on the tarmac near -- gate. For more than seven hours rescued by the fire department after the pilots begged for someone to help them get off. We had so many questions about all this today -- passengers including some with illnesses were blocked from getting out of the plane. An ABC's Lisa stark brings us the first answers tonight. This is what greeted passengers. When they finally escaped their parked planes a foot of snow and -- long walk. We seeing here now or that half hour. That was the captain of jetBlue flight 504 with 123. Passengers. One of those planes stuck in the snowy tarmac at the Hartford Connecticut airport. Chaotic and comfortable this organize. Just a mess Andrew Carter was on that flight normally quick to our -- from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Newark, New Jersey. But the plain couldn't land at new work after the airport -- critical navigation equipment. The pilots low on fuel diverted to the Hartford airport 100 miles away. JetBlue says that airport was overwhelmed with nearly two dozen other diverted flights. And today we learned why the passengers were trapped. Flight 504 was boxed in on the tarmac -- delta plane behind another jetBlue flight to the right a broken jet way on the left. Inside the plane snacks and water ran out toilets backed up. Apparently -- or did he. Come -- I have a diabetic -- it got an issue that it got to get some help. Even though the airport was overwhelmed their short of them they plan to be able to get those passengers off the airplane. -- -- it has got to think so far -- do it. Quote were. He's I don't care. Get anywhere. A nightmare at the jetBlue passengers experienced both Ford during another storm in 2007. Which helped convince the government to damned long tarmac delays. And it did take fire and rescue to get those were passengers off of that flight. JetBlue now faces possible government fines of 3.4. Million dollars. For that one lengthy tarmac delay alone millions more for other flights. And other airlines are under investigation as well.

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{"id":14854033,"title":"Snow Traps JetBlue Flight for 7 Hours","duration":"2:33","description":"Snowstorm leaves passenger plane stranded on Hartford tarmac.","url":"/WNT/video/snow-traps-jetblue-flight-hours-14854033","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}