Sochi Olympic Security and the Russian Bombings

After dual bombings, U.S. asks for better anti-terror cooperation.
3:00 | 12/30/13

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Transcript for Sochi Olympic Security and the Russian Bombings
We move overseas tonight to new images after two terror attacks in russia just weeks before the winter games. This new video shows the first attack the moment when a suicide bombers strikes while at the metal detectors of that train station, images of the after , the victims blown right out of the station. Then the scene today, the second attack, more than a dozen people killed when another bomber struck, this time targeting a bus. Abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross just back from sochi on the growing security concerns now ahead of the games. Reporter: Today, olympic security officials were pouring over the chilling surveillance tapes from volgograd. Including this new video posted by two russian news agencies that they say shows two suspects at the train station security checkpoint just before the suicide bomb was detonated on sunday. In six weeks, this will be a hub for athletes and spectators heading to the olympics. The size of the weapon also seems to indicate that they were looking to derail a train in transit. Reporter: With a second attack this morning on a rush hour trolley bus, there are now 31 people dead and dozens more injured, almost all innocent civilians, including children. There have been no claims of responsibility. But many u.S. Officials are convinced the attacks can be traced back to this man, duku umarov, the ruthless leader of an islamist group which has called the olympic games satanic, and vowed to stop them. They've been in operation for a long time. They're battle trained, battle ready. Reporter: Sochi, the site of the winter games, is 400 miles away from the attack. President vladimir putin has promised air-tight security and the mayor of sochi, anatoly pakhomov, told me earlier this month he had no worries about terrorism. But u.S. Officials do not share that confident view. And some say the russians have failed to fully cooperate with american security teams assigned to protect the 235 u.S. Athletes who will come here to sochi. The u.S. Will be sending small teams of armed security people to sochi to protect american athletes, but today the white house said there was a need for closer cooperation which is diplomatic language for stop being so difficult, mr. Russia. Brian, thank you. Now to the delicate

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{"id":21375418,"title":"Sochi Olympic Security and the Russian Bombings","duration":"3:00","description":"After dual bombings, U.S. asks for better anti-terror cooperation.","url":"/WNT/video/sochi-olympic-security-russian-bombings-21375418","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}