Solar Flares Disrupt Flights

Airlines took care to steer clear of solar storm.
2:43 | 03/08/12

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Transcript for Solar Flares Disrupt Flights
Planet earth is wrapped in -- kind of cosmic electric blanket surrounded by solar -- ten times more powerful than anything we've seen in years. The flares bombard the Earth's magnetic field in fact some airplanes had to make -- -- is -- order to steer clear. And the nation's top scientists are monitoring the power grids. ABC's Sam Champion has been tracking this all day and tells us what those scientists are seeing so far. These -- the eruptions on the surface of the sun solar flares more than 500000. Miles high. And ten million times more powerful than a volcanic eruption. That -- today's solar storm barreling down to earth. Setting off all white knuckle watch for trouble. Inside the nation's mission control for space weather all eyes were tracking the storm around the clock looking for impact. And watching closely for any new flare ups on the very active surface of the sun. -- -- -- really hasn't shown any signs of of Decatur are diminishing so that the threat is still there just the threat is bad news for airlines power utilities. GPS provider all who spent the day on the lookout for any disruptions since the storms are powerful enough to knock out modern communication. Both delta and American Airlines re routed several flights just out of precaution. Fortunately the worst did not occur predictions of a powerful storm eased. For now we don't feel the direct effect of the solar flares because the magnetic particles of the sun or invisible. But don't be -- because during the solar storm. Those particles are raining down over all of us at a speed of about four million miles an hour on a very long trip 93 million miles from the -- to the air. Solar storms can be serious some examples fault 2003. There were black -- in Europe astronauts on the International Space Station had to take cover. In 19896. Million people lost power and -- back leaving the entire province in the dark. Along with all the threats there is one beautiful plus Americans will be able to see a dazzling display of northern lights as far south as Michigan in Maine. And it seems we should get used to hearing about these solar storm warnings because the sun has eleven year. How to cycle and -- it seems like we're in the peak of that active cycle so this comes -- tomorrow morning can you predict the next one well it seems a little trickier to predict in the predicting the weather because in order to within their release today they said. The scientists knew that the -- was gonna throw Paula let's make a pitch to the earth but they thought I was gonna be a hard fastball and -- being kind of a soft curve ball. So let's let's we know they're not as good that it is that we would like -- somebody said it was like shaking up the atmosphere a little bit like this noble it. I'm here that can thank you send him.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"Airlines took care to steer clear of solar storm.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15881197","title":"Solar Flares Disrupt Flights","url":"/WNT/video/solar-flares-disrupt-flights-15881197"}