Sophia Loren: In Her Own Words

The cinema legend is back in a new film, gives us a rare interview.
2:49 | 06/13/14

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Transcript for Sophia Loren: In Her Own Words
I am from -- like Iowa who is wanted. And maybe sometimes some of -- line. I worked very high in my could be and I got from -- eight. More or less what that really wanted to. And now we be so there little great film that I Dave -- my son I had left violently swung. I can't tell you something we -- this film a new gave me a kind of eagerness and followers -- to be able to. Look for something -- to look for something that. I would like to do -- -- -- and in movies. -- And I began to concentrate on what you want to it's something that today he's in -- eighteen side of view. You cannot teach things that that I myself had inside it's impossible. It's a question of experience. Is questionable things that -- hide -- the life you've led what you wanted from life. Yet to believing -- myself. Yet to be proud -- -- -- And Florida has yet to -- a clue what to get a life. What you want to -- and -- Vieira de hates. Something that you having a phase seasons at a and T. He's the one -- to be good to us have to be good to people. To be who have a nice so. I don't think that -- how I look I am -- long nose and big love it. But eight since may be the way I expressed myself maybe still AI. I feel things maybe it's the way I am a look in my case that says so many things. It's a local we've sometimes when they ask me something of it I'd like to talk about. My eyes they get to kind of lied to that. That men ages means it's and maybe that's it and -- I -- a beautiful thing enjoy every moment of it. In good health. Good -- -- making good people. And then a wonderful family old -- -- not -- just a wonderful career. Trumped up. It was a beautiful beautiful stage of my life of the inning I was very -- on the set I was really. Giving. And anything I. Cool that given. To be -- not this it's really. Gun deals it's sad really and the ozone and I don't want to stop now I would have gone.

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{"id":24131647,"title":"Sophia Loren: In Her Own Words","duration":"2:49","description":"The cinema legend is back in a new film, gives us a rare interview.","url":"/WNT/video/sophia-loren-words-24131647","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}