Source of Cyclospora Found

The FDA has linked the outbreak of stomach flu to a salad mix grown in Mexico.
1:34 | 08/03/13

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Transcript for Source of Cyclospora Found
clouds and maybe a rain ban. Overall it's heading in the right direction. Thank you, ginger. He a stomach bug that's affected30 eosate they've found the source of some of these cases but there are and abc's chief health and medical editor, rich besser, has more. Reporter: It's still a mystery. The source of the cyclospora outbreak still a mystery. 113 cases in texas. But we know the course. At least in nebraska and iowa. The fda linked the outbreak to a salad mix broken on this farm. Distributed by taylor farm and served by olive garden and red lobster restaurants. Fda has not implicated consumer packages sold in grocery stores and the contaminated product is no longer being served. So while investigators believe the outbreak is over, sick people continue to be identified, because without proper treatment, symptoms can continue for more than a month. Here's dr. Besser. These are very popular restaurant, olive garden. Is it safe to eat there? I think it is for several reasons. The contaminated product has not been served there in over a month. It doesn't reflect a problem in what the restaurant was doing. It came in fr from theirplie I think it's very safe. You very quickly why does it take so long? It takes about a week after it opinf1 o and then another week before people see their doctors. All that time makes it hard for people to remember what they aate.

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{"id":19864005,"title":"Source of Cyclospora Found","duration":"1:34","description":"The FDA has linked the outbreak of stomach flu to a salad mix grown in Mexico.","url":"/WNT/video/source-cyclospora-found-19864005","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}