The South braces for severe storms

The region has experienced winds of up to 70 mph and hail.
2:09 | 04/07/19

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Transcript for The South braces for severe storms
Tonight back here at home more than 42 million Americans in the path of severe weather. Across the southeast lightning bolts lighting up the sky. Heavy rain swamping several communities the winds damaging this strolled putting showing a roof ripped wide awaited Texas gusts topping so many miles per hour. And hail pounding homes and windshields and several states. This powerful spring storm isn't done yet here's ABC's senior meteorologist rob Marciano. But tonight. Millions being bombarded by severe storms in the south. This. Softball sized hail slamming the Houston area home only leased cars this one left without its back window. And outside Austin extreme winds leaving behind a trail of destruction homes and businesses flattened this roof ripped off only one wall left standing. British or else kind of hard. To know what's happened here the that this place. Thousands of lightning strikes hitting throughout the weekend at least one injured when an eleven year old girl was struck. Torrential rain shutting down roads and Rockwell Texas a driver rescued from this car. As it was pulled out from floodwaters and North Dakota rising water levels there chunks device created ice jams on the red river. And along the Mississippi River families evacuating the air as the water continues to rise along the Iowa Illinois border. So many watching the Mississippi during this time let's get right to rob now the forecast where these storms are headed we're still a severe thunderstorm watch out that's posted till 9 at 10 o'clock received Louisiana flash flood warnings posted for parts of Lake Charles Lafayette you're getting an out again the baton drew some of these storms in Texas had winds of 74 miles per hour so lots of women under review with us. It o'clock in the morning is passed he wants and would go towards 5 o'clock that's an area of concern from Georgia through South Carolina now that the storm threat for severe weather tomorrow. Has been extent extended. To include Atlanta Augusta. Charlotte Columbia Raleigh all the way up through our nor far we're also watching a system coming into the Pacific northwest atmospheric river situation here rivers are running high and he got additional rainfall on top of that so flooding potentially. As the will AMBER Alert Rick continues to rise in this system we'll get into the plains over that flood zone that we talked OK both coasts staying busy right rob thank you.

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{"duration":"2:09","description":"The region has experienced winds of up to 70 mph and hail. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"62237587","title":"The South braces for severe storms","url":"/WNT/video/south-braces-severe-storms-62237587"}