South Carolina Primary Crucial to Candidates

GOP presidential candidates await the final results of the election.
2:57 | 01/21/12

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Transcript for South Carolina Primary Crucial to Candidates
On the campaign trail today the candidates crisscrossing the state this -- to the finish. And look at this Mitt Romney at a diner -- voters there this morning moments later Newt Gingrich at the same diner back to back the did not cross hasn't though. No fireworks like we -- the debates earlier this week but we want to get straight to -- -- your voice your vote tonight. And Jon -- -- -- -- -- Gingrich headquarters in Columbia, South Carolina John good evening. Good evening David South Carolina was the place that Mitt Romney hoped to wrap it up. And just a week ago polls here showed him with a double digit lead but tonight it looks like South Carolina might just be Gingrich territory. While this morning Tommy's ham house -- Greenville, South Carolina. Was the center of the political universe first Mitt Romney stopped by. Minutes later Newt Gingrich. Two leading candidates had been scheduled to be -- at the same time. By the time Gingrich arrived Romney was already gone we caught up with Gingrich and -- improvement. What would -- it was a familiar face off under the state. So what do you. Well I think I think he had to go to new -- It is debates that have helped turn things around here in South Carolina for Gingrich and two of them this week. He received standing ovations by attacking the debate moderator. Romney on the other hand found himself heckled for evasive answers on releasing his tax returns. I'll take a look at what that the but what I read documents are. Yeah. Indeed there were the attack ads Romney once. Liberal than Ted Kennedy and social issues. -- yeah. It's just like Obama. South Carolina is the first date where many of the harshest ads targeted Romney to Dave Romney his eyes on the next round of primaries went on the offensive. Calling on Gingrich to release documents on his work. For the failed mortgage company Freddie Mac. Let's see what report you wrote for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac what. It was and us. Let's have him describe his relationship -- Washington Rick Santorum was belatedly named the winner of the Iowa Caucuses after a recount this week but polls show him now locked in a battle for third place with Ron Paul. Back at Tommy's ham house we also caught up with Callista Gingrich. Usually likes to avoid the spotlight ready for a big -- Yeah I got from my waiting room. What ever happens here in South Carolina look for the Romney campaign. To attempt a knockout blow on Gingrich in Florida which votes next. They will go after his record in congress they'll go after his record after congress and David they've got one big advantage going into the next primary contest and that is money. The Romney campaign has a lot more of -- and Gingrich.

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{"id":15411973,"title":"South Carolina Primary Crucial to Candidates","duration":"2:57","description":"GOP presidential candidates await the final results of the election. ","url":"/WNT/video/south-carolina-primary-results-crucial-for-gop-candidates-republican-presidential-politics-15411973","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}