Spanx Entrepreneur Shares Advice

Youngest female self-made billionaire, Sarah Blakely, discusses her journey.
3:18 | 03/10/12

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Transcript for Spanx Entrepreneur Shares Advice
-- lesson in picking yourself up when you fail from our person of the week Sarah Blakely all over the news as one of the youngest self made billionaires ever. She started by cutting legs off pantyhose and from there invented the slimming underwear -- -- But it wasn't always easy and tonight she wants to send a message this is the night to believe in yourself. All week as we saw Sarah Blakely smiling from the cover of the magazine we had no idea. The journey that brought -- here how much she'd failed and had to get back up. Something she says her father taught her as a -- at the dinner table. We extended the dining room table at night and -- was okay kids what did you feel that today I would think that I tried out for the sport and I was horrible and he go way to -- in high five me. And it just completely Reese sat in my definition of failure so from my brother and me. -- failure is not trying. It's not the outcome. It was still early in life when people close to her diet and her parents separated. So again her dad ask is heartbroken daughter to listen to some motivational tapes she was sixteen. That was the Wayne Dyer a series of cassette tapes how to be in no limit person. You have got to understand. That you're not going to get healed. If you are asking someone else to -- you. I listened to that series so much actually memorized all -- -- -- ten tapes. And it became a joke because. And high school and listen to these tapes you know how to be no limit person ever used to fight over who -- decode my car after partying at night like you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And so she remained undaunted even when she tried to get into law school but failed the entrance exam twice. Even when she had just been seven years going door to door selling fax machines. If she had an idea to turn those carved up pantyhose. And to specialty underwear a lot of stores we checked her. Her best friend and roommate Laura -- cheered her on. -- the school teachers should come home from work in say -- clean and everyone called me quickly quickly you know you can change the world. And -- always fall back of my bed instead let's say. I -- fax machines can and should I know it's your destiny. And then justice banks was taking off more tragedy. Laura died hit by -- car there's always these monumental things that happened to me throughout this thanks turned me. On the anniversary of her passing. And it just brings you so much conference Felix still sort of winking at me saying I'm I'm I'm watching you and reminding her. To look for the gift in everything and head for the horizon. And you have to trust your -- and go for it and. Can fail and it sounds great -- let you know I would assure their -- five -- because it just means. You know nudge -- change something do something a little bit different I mean every failure is definitely and death and it just should not stop us in our tracks. And that has the sentence she leaves us with even in failure there is a gift find -- gift. And believe in yourself.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"Youngest female self-made billionaire, Sarah Blakely, discusses her journey.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15889928","title":"Spanx Entrepreneur Shares Advice","url":"/WNT/video/spanx-entrepreneur-shares-advice-15889928"}