Speed Traps and Family Road Trips

Steve Osunsami has tips to avoid getting caught speeding on a road trip.
2:19 | 08/19/13

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Transcript for Speed Traps and Family Road Trips
So here we are so many american families in the last dash of summer and one more road trip during the warm days. But who doesn't know the frustration of rolling right past a speed trap. Abc's steve osunsami tries to help. Reporter: Sometimes it can seem so unfair. You're driving down the road and the speed limit is 55 but suddenly it's 35 for a short stretch and there is a police officer waiting under the sign. The city don't have any money. Reporter: Meet this retired detroit area cop. I said when I got a chance to speak out I would. Reporter: He says it's what you might suspect, cities and counties make a whole lot of money off of speed traps. It's like a dirty secret. Reporter: Along I 7 1 the speed limit drops to 60 for 134 seconds on the highway. Before a court stepped in last winter, the tiny town collected $800,000 a year. Along I 10 tickets from a speed limit change at the bottom of this bridge covered 80% of the budget for henderson, louisiana. Across the country drivers are taking note, reporting 78,000 speed traps since 2000. A warning, the cities with the most traps are colorado springs, denver, vegas, boston and the number one is houston. All those frustrated drivers who feel they have been pulled over in a speed trap, authorities say when there is a hill and the speed limit is 25 mile per hour, it's not a trap, it's about public safety. My police chief in georgia took me out for driver's ed near a hill I had 2rutrouble with near my home. The bottom of the hill is a classic spot. We know that speed kills. Nearly 10,000 americans die every year in speed related accidents. These are not speed traps. We're responding to citizens who roid in this community and are saying people who are traveling along this roadway at 40, 50 mile per hour. He says they certainly raise revenue but the real goal is to slow everyone down. Coming up next tonight, breaking news about iconic actor

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{"id":20006217,"title":"Speed Traps and Family Road Trips","duration":"2:19","description":"Steve Osunsami has tips to avoid getting caught speeding on a road trip.","url":"/WNT/video/speed-traps-family-road-trips-20006217","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}