Sportsmanship at Its Worst: Parents Bullying Coaches

Little League coach from Long Island, N.Y. , claims he and his family were threatened by a parent.
3:00 | 03/28/14

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Transcript for Sportsmanship at Its Worst: Parents Bullying Coaches
And now to the little league baseball diamonds across this country, millions of young players getting ready to batter up this spring, maybe time for a pep talk on sportsmanship, but for the parents -- ABC's Deborah Roberts with a story on conduct unbecoming. Reporter: If you think little league sports is all about team building, think again. Nearly every weekend bad behavior by moms and dads caught on tape. These parents get into it at a high school basketball game. And what about this out of control dad, shoving his son's opponent clear across the wrestling ring. But for Linda Demasi and her husband John, the terror started with a single anonymous letter. John coaches his son's little league team. And it was just how wrong I was coaching the team and how bad we were. Reporter: Soon, more letters, each more threatening than the last. I know where you daughter goes to dance school. Reporter: One even addressed You might never see your dad again. Get the hell out of east meadow baseball. Reporter: Could you believe that this is stemming from little league baseball? No, I couldn't. Reporter: But police were getting close. You can see that they're all the same handwriting. Zeroing in on someone terrifyingly close to home. This woman, the Demasi's friend and neighbor, Janet chiauzzi. Her son played on John's team, too. This person had some intimate knowledge of the family's background and that's what ultimately led us to Ms. Chiauzzi. Reporter: Chiauzzi told police she was angry he wasn't picked for the little league travel team. I could feel my knees starting to shake as I was standing there. And I couldn't believe it. Reporter: The world of little league shaken up by an angry mom

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{"id":23108058,"title":"Sportsmanship at Its Worst: Parents Bullying Coaches","duration":"3:00","description":"Little League coach from Long Island, N.Y. , claims he and his family were threatened by a parent.","url":"/WNT/video/sportsmanship-worst-parents-bullying-coaches-23108058","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}