Spring Break: Mexico Travel Alert

U.S. State Department warns tourists about Mexican drug war.
1:43 | 02/10/12

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Transcript for Spring Break: Mexico Travel Alert
The strongest warning yet from the State Department about that raging and violent drug war across our border. Ten million Americans visit Mexico every year and now this -- not only singles -- popular destinations. It warns Americans against -- more than two blocks from your hotel. Here's our chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross now. The new warning is substantially stronger than previous one and comes just as hundreds of thousands of Americans are about to head to Mexico. For the annual winter vacations and students spring breaks. The State Department says Americans should defer travel to four entire states and parts of ten others. Including the state in which -- -- local is located. US officials warn Americans going to -- local and surrounding resort areas to exercise caution and stay within tourist areas. State Department cites the broad daylight pitched battles between narcotics trafficking groups and the police and military. -- turned into a full fledged war. Creating a sense of lawlessness across the country. Clearly areas outside these resorts are not say many roads are dot state. Literally Mexico. Is out of control according to the new US -- 120. Americans were killed last year alone in the violence. Including a mother and two daughters from Fort Worth on Christmas -- And this missionary couple killed just last week. This obviously doesn't do much for Mexico's tourism industry but the response from Mexican government today was to point out that millions of Americans travel there safely every year. And the tourist destinations do not. Generally -- the levels of violence seen elsewhere. That's little comfort profound thing is going on vacation you're much more on the -- the blotter and abcnews.com Brian thank you.

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{"id":15559533,"title":"Spring Break: Mexico Travel Alert","duration":"1:43","description":"U.S. State Department warns tourists about Mexican drug war.","url":"/WNT/video/spring-break-mexico-travel-alert-15559533","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}